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Uther Party 2 v0.4d

Submitted by TheZizz
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Host map Arrange game
Uther returns for a second bout of mini-game madness! Up to 8 players compete for supremacy in a series of randomly selected mini-games. Awaiting the seasoned party enthusiast are new styles of play such as Emcee Mode, which gives the party host the ability to customize the mini-game roster with options for stock matches, increased difficulty, and various other altercations, as well as two new varieties of mini-game that compliment the rank and file that is the free-for-all collection. With a growing list of mini-games and game modes, and a level of polish and variety that is set to easily dwarf its predecessor, even the forces of evil can agree that Uther Party 2 is not to be missed.

Full accreditation and other information can be found in the in-game documentation. NOTE: This map is protected. I hope you understand.

- 20 mini-games
- 2 modes of play
- 3 types of mini-games
- Full computer AI support

- Added 5 new mini-games.
- Team Battle mini-games are now available.
- Created a brief opening cinematic to christen each game.
- Added a kill tally to the game interface for flavor.
- Classic Mode now grants full authority to the victor as featured in Emcee Mode. In turn, Emcee Mode itself has been lengthened to 8 mini-games.
- Emcee Mode now features a random switch that similarly filters out previously played mini-games, and also randomizes the mini-game options.
- Sudden Death mechanics have been added to Classic Mode to properly resolve tied results.
- In Hungry Hungry Felhounds, the option to play with Blink is now available through Emcee Mode.
- In Dimensional Dementia, crucial revisions have been made. Players now start in random areas, and all zones of safety have been removed. In addition, the option to play with two sawblades is now available through Emcee Mode.
- In Tomb of Retinus, players can now jab at one another.
- In Hammer Ball, the mechanics have been reworked such that the last person to strike the ball now claims control and becomes immune until it is next struck. In addition, a new arena called Purgatory is now available.
- In Target Range (formerly Target Practice), players now simultaneously aim for a moving target, and can fire as many arrows as they see fit. In addition, the option to play with a smaller target is now available through Emcee Mode.
- In Archimonde Says, the play area has been shrunk down to make everything readily visible.
- In Way of the Shepherd, the fate of trapped players has been revised to be more sadistic.
- In Clockwerk Calamity, a new arena called the Byway is now available, and the Crossroads arena has been modified to be more distinguished.
- Performed miscellaneous tweaks to various details.
- Fixed a few bugs caused by leaving players.
- Fixed a rare crash in Hammer Ball.
- Fixed an issue that was disrupting Information menu navigation throughout each session.
- Fixed an issue with the Flaming Seal, such that it no longer impedes player chat.
- Fixed a minor display issue for observers during One Against All mini-games.

Uther Party 2 v0.4d (Map)

06:14, 4th Jul 2008 Septimus: Good Point [+] Is a nice mini-game, I had play it's older version before. Neutral Point [!] This is a very nice mini game map. Infact, I had a lot of different version of it. Bad Point [-] Map are...
  1. 06:14, 4th Jul 2008


    Good Point

    [+] Is a nice mini-game, I had play it's older version before.

    Neutral Point

    [!] This is a very nice mini game map. Infact, I had a lot of different version of it.

    Bad Point

    [-] Map are protected and never mention

    Overall - 5/5
  2. cardamaq


    Jan 29, 2007
    i´m very happy!!! I thought that you would not create any other map but i was wrong and you are back!!!!
    your first uther map is one of THE BEST in this site and i want to play this map NOW!!!!!!!
    Thank you for create the best maps!!
  3. Somaz


    Sep 6, 2007
    TheZizz good job! Continuing the series :D ? Great! (i dled this :p)
  4. Lord of the Korn

    Lord of the Korn

    Mar 15, 2006
    how many minigames you have atm?
  5. TheZizz


    Apr 5, 2008
    Thanks for the support!

    Right now there are 15 mini-games (details updated).
  6. Rommstein


    Feb 1, 2008
    Very good job ZheZizz !
    I played your first version of Uther Party some times, but this version is really good !
    I played it yesterday with some friends and it was a very good game :D

    Keep up good work ;)
  7. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    Excellent map! I played this map several times. The minigames are quite fun.

    I'm looking forward for some more minigames to be implemented.

    Many of the original Uther Part games are quite fun, but the games in the second map are more creatively made and funnier.

    What about a new mini game about ships, there you fire cannons from the sides using 2 skills for left and right :p?
  8. BoneBreaker


    Jun 26, 2005
  9. hookah


    May 1, 2008
    good to see TheZizz here:D
    any updates soon? as I have this version long time ago:D
    can u make a single map from a the dimensional game? (with no ending and yust for killing each other :D )
  10. Somaz


    Sep 6, 2007
    Was it just reuploaded now? Couldn't you at least release 0.16 by now?
  11. forzamoto


    Apr 14, 2008
    I allways liked it any way 5/5 4/5 for takeing so long to make Uther Party 2 v0.15
    good game any way 5/5
    for shure...
  12. rover2341


    Feb 23, 2008
    Very Well, Made Map.

    I played your first one, And enjoyed it perhaps more...maybe because i know all the games, pretty well and the new one i am still new to the games.

    You are Most likely the person i respect the most of map makers.
    They are simple and easy to learn games and short.
    And then you make tons of them. So thats Sweet.
    You really show that world editor is very flexible.
    And do have very cool mini games.

    Anyway 10/10.

    p.s. If blizzard were to hire a few map makers to work full time to help push a few more well made custom maps, I would Highly Recommend you.
  13. Teldrassil


    Feb 7, 2005
    Hey Zizz, really great map, just one thing, as Septimus stated make sure you add a note in the descripton that the game's protected.

    Very well made, fun games, and all sorts of crazy things.

    Good work and thank you for improving the overall quality of battle.net with a map we can be proud to play lol.
  14. The Panda

    The Panda

    Jun 2, 2008
    Nice map bro uther party all day :D -Army-of-pandas
  15. Byaku


    Jul 2, 2008
    It's a good minigame map with ai player
  16. Somaz


    Sep 6, 2007
    The AI must be recoded, because in some minigames it laggs like hell. Like in team battle. I was playing with 5 AIs and after the minigame started, it took me ~15 seconds to press Menu and leave the game (YES, it was THAT bad).

    Some minigames are a bit of boring and worse than in the first party.

    Spider-scare peasants game:
    The shaking and the sounds are making my head hirt. It is hard to kill someone and I personaly believe this minigame is a FAIL.

    The game with sheep is a bit boring. The first party had much more fun games.

    Sadly, about 50% of other minigames are boring...

    :( Sorry...
  17. Byaku


    Jul 2, 2008
    Yes I agree with that!
  18. Somaz


    Sep 6, 2007
    A good idea for a mini game:

    An arena where different items appear.

    Items should have an effect like dealing damage, slowing, stunning or something like that.
    There should also be items that heal you on pick up.
    Players could also have some skills that cost mana and some items could restore it.

    That would be a fun arena :D
  19. Re8eL


    Dec 11, 2004
    You may have already fixed these, but I discovered 2 bugs.

    In a tie breaking game, with the kodo getting the meat from the wolfs, the other person left and the mini-game never ended.

    And in the Hammer game, it was me and another person left, we hit each other at the same time, killing each other at almost the same time, and it crashed the game.

    Otherwise, pretty good map, although i sugguest removing the gold mine mini game, because if you haven't played it before, your pretty much dead(for all the people I played with anyways).

    You should combine all old Uther Party x mini-games into this, to make Uther Party Ultimate .. or something like that :p

    Good Luck,