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Using Bridges {connecting it to the edge of the terrain}

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Level 8
Nov 9, 2008
Right well you best tool for this job is the grid. Turn it on and zoom in to your area.

Place the bridge so there is a slight overlap onto the terrain and then what you want to do is raise the bridge (select it, hold ctrl and press page up/down). If you position your camera precisely horizontal to the surface the bridge connects to you will be able to see when the bridge touches the terrain. This works great for level surfaces and has the smoothest animation when units walk from the terrain onto the bridge.

If the surface is not level then what you should do is the same as above but then tweak the terrain 1 square at a time until you see the grid show slight through the bridge then smooth the terrain veeery slightly with the smoothing tool. Perfection is almost impossible to achieve as I have found either the animation is uneven when units walk onto the bridge or the appearance of the bridge where it connects to the terrain is patchy.

I hope that was a little help and really it's best to use trail and error.

EDIT: Oh right haha. Simple answers ftw
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