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URGENT! Import a few vJASS systems to a map.

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Level 22
Nov 14, 2008
Hello there!

As my JASS NewGen Pack WE is broke at the moment, the ability to code is not possible. The reason behind this is that my objectmerger is broke for somewhat unknown reason.

Anyway the only thing I require of you is to open the JNGP, use the basic map that comes up (no changes needed) and import these systems to the map listed below WITH OBJECTS CREATED VIA THE TEXTMACROS!

-Has one undefend detection ability.

DummyCaster Link
-Has a custom unit.

Damage Link
-Has a hp-add ability

Status Link

Remember that there are 2 systems that aren't required by me but are required to be imported due to that they are used by some of the systems.

These are Event and T32, links can be found in Status link and Damage link.

If you're unfamiliar with how to import these stuff but you still have a working JNGP then read the instructions!

REMEMBER that the Status library are two parts, one in the first post and one in the second.

Latest JASSHelper is required? No idea.

I can offer ... rep?

Thanks in advance.

Level 16
Aug 7, 2009
As you have requested: an empty Ashenvale 32x32 map with Event,T32,Damage,AIDS,Status,DummyCaster and their object data.

Credit is not needed for such an easy work, however appreciated :)

EDIT: my bad, forgot to turn off the object generation parts. Fix'd.


  • basee.w3x
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