Urban Survival

Level 10
May 20, 2008
Urban Survival
Zombie Survival

Technology has brought the world many great things. The day we took it too far was the day the world fell into chaos.
The world in these years has been divided into 5 Zones. Each zone specifies the infection damger. When a special reactor was created, those who fell within its radiation range where killed slowly, then were brought back as zombies. The 5 zomes of the world include:
Red Zone: Covers 10% of the world. Untold exactly were this area lies, but the UZCF (United Zombie Control Force) thinks its Ground Zero, the Coolant Reactor in North America. This area lies in complete ruin by radiation. No vegitation or any life (this includes zombies). The area cannot support life for more then 10 minutes due to radiation.
Black Zone: Covers about 15% of the world. These areas are the hives of the zombies. Attempts to attack them are ultimatly destroyed. These areas cover most of North America and part of Russia's eastern coast.
Gray Zone: Covers about 50% of the world. These are lesser hive areas that are well destoryed. Many attempts to attack these areas are stalemates between Humans and Zombies.
Blue Zones: Covers about 15% of the world. These areas are lightly infected areas. They don't last long because the zombies infect the city more and more, creating a hive. Many attempts to attack these area are successful, but they are lost because the zombies have explored the city.
Green Zone: Covers the worlds last 10%. These are areas free of zombies. They are heavily guarded and cannot be broken easily. Zombies who attempt to break in are, what we call, over killed (shot, grenaded, exploded, burnt). About 0.1% of Green Zones lie in Canada, because of its cold north, and nothing in America due to its environment and population.
In the news lately was a story that shocked the UZCF. A small city was infected in a Green Zone. The UZCF sent a Marine force to go stop the infestation before it got out of control in the city. The city was not considered a Blue Zone when the force was sent out.
However, the zombies shot down the transport carrying the Marine force with artillary. The landing zone of the ship was just outside a Blue Zone city. The city had been infected not a week ago, but the infection grew fast. The leader called for backup, but was only told that 15 days was the quickest any transport could be sent. Now the Marines must face 15 days and nights in horror.

The objective of Urban Survival is to live through 15 days of zombie attacks. The advantage to you is that the zombies have not adapted to light. They may only attack by night. Even though the city lies intact, the damage to the buildings lets enough light through to stop any zombies from staying up and out of their underground lair during the day.
As highly trained marines, you are able to hold unrealistic ammounts of certain items, and are able to construct items when you pick up the proper supplies.
Red, the leader, may call in for support from a nearby mountain base. Though the base may not supply any infantry or transports, they may send, by day, support abilities that you may like.

Map size: Small
Tileset: Edited Daralan Ruins
Maximum Human Players: 9
Suggested Minimum Players: 3
Max Level: 20
Current systems in use:
-Item Stacking
-Item combining
-Extra menu
-Random events
-Random unit selection
-Red income
Triggering Systme Used (GUI/JASS): GUI only
Protection: Unprotected, open for observation and/or edits
Notes: Its a small map, but I will implement many other abilities, and all that. The map itself includes many hidding spots and most of them are easily defended, if you do it correctly. Lack of knowlage about the enemies can lead you into ruin. Also, having to many support buildings can make you defend more areas, as zombies will target them as they target you.

Red, being the leader, is in charge of the entire operation. He may decide to kick another player, and he is able to contact a nearby base. To pull up a menu of options, red must type "-Menu". A menu will appear quickly, but prevent any movment.

To survive in an infected city, you should follow these tips:
1: If the city is in a Blue Zone, stay near the city walls. The closer to the center of the city you get, the higher the risk of being attacked by subterrainian zombies. If you are in a Grey Zone, stay near light, and escape the city to the nearest safer zone (Blue or Green). If you are in a Black Zone, find lots of light, and leave the area as fast as possible. If you find yourself in the Red Zone, leave immediatly. You will survive longer the closer you are to the outside of the region.
2: Use any cover available if you are stuck. If you can, create barricades and walls to prevent zombies from getting to you from all angles.
3: Use anything the civilians collected. Items will be extremly helpful, but they may not be unlimited. Use them carfully, and use your skills.
4: If possible, get support from any nearby base. Even if it might not be transport, get some help to survive.
5: Use your days carfully. The day is your friend, the night is your doom.

When red types "-Menu" (no quotes), a menu pops up. That menu will have a list of options for red to pick. Each option has a cost, and red has a limit of 400 AP (Ability Points). So far I have this for the menu:
-Item Drop - 20 AP
-Deploy Base - 200 AP
-Deploy Beacon

Item Drop -20 points
Calls in for an item drop. The next time the day reaches noon, 15 random items will be dropped at the spawn area. This has a 120 second cooldown.

Deploy Base - 200 points
Calls in for a Base Camp. Next time the day begins (at dawn), a Base Camp will be deployed at the port section of the city. The base does the following:
1: Has a small defence system
2: Gives off 2 auras, 1 upping your armour, the other upping your attack
3: Gives a small income for red's AP

Deploy Beacon
Calls in for a drop-off beacon. Next time the day hits 10am, a beacon will be set up for item transportation. From there on, every dawn, 5 items will appear. Only 1 beacon can be called in, and that beacon cannot die (its invulnerable).

Well, this was the hardest to trigger. Basically what I did was moved on to whatever I was doing. Pressing this only closes the menu.

Other ideas are being thoguht through, but ideas are very welcom.

Achievements unlock certain items depending on what you do. Dark Orange means the achievement is in working order. Red means the achievement is going into the game, but has yet to be used.
Hunter Killer: Kill 400 zombies in 1 game.
Self Medic: Use 300 Medpaks in 1 game.
Marine Tank: Don't use any medpaks in a game.
Headshot Hunter: Kill 70 Ranged Zombies in 1 game.

In the map, there are 3 types of Marines.
1: Special Operations Marine: A marine based on agility. Abilities will consist of speed and agility.
2: Tactical Marine: A marine based on strength. Abilities will be more offensive then defensive.
3: Field Intelligence Marine: A marine based on intelligence. Abilities will be more defensive and include auras.

A sample of zombies that you will face include:
Normal Zombie - The normal zombie. Nothing special.
Heavy Zombie - A stronger zombie.
Armed Zombie - A big zombie that you will want to get rid of ASAP.
Ranged Zombie - Zombies have found guns.
Infested Truck - These will make you hate technology. Kill them for a surprise.
Zombie Crusher - Well, these big guys don't have much care for other zombies. They just want at you. Kill them before they kill you.

Throughout the game, random events may occur. These events may or may not be found in a single game, but you will see them after a few games. Dark orange means the event is being used. Red means it has yet to be added in, but will be used.
Zombie Crusher: there is a 1/50 chance every 10 seconds of each night that you will face a Zombie Crusher. Those who have played Left 4 Dead will realise these guys can be a relative of a Tank. Those who havn't will soon find out just what a tank is.
Sewage Spill: Every 10 seconds of each night, there is a 1/35 chance that 9 zombies will crawl out of the sewer manholes. Just normal zombies. If you are hidding in the port or up top on the blocked street, watch your back as well as your front.
Collapse: I havn't got this one ironed out, but it works like this. Every 120 or so seconds of the game, there will be a 1/75-100 chance that the armoury's roof will collapse. Units will be damaged, zombies will die. Pieces of the roof will have to be destroyed in order to enter or leave the building.

Yes, I have tested the game to an extent. I have found bugs that just wont go away or get fixed.
-Abilities will not show the custom traits. I have tried fixing this, but I have not found a solution.
-Using an option from Red's Menu (save cancel) will follow through and say that you cannot do that. Don't worry, you have selected it, and it will happen. I have tried multiple different ways to fix this glitch, but so far I have had no luck.
-The marine base will only give Red an extra 5 gold. I have tried fixing this, but have yet to find out the problem (trigger is as simple as can be).

I am open for people to join my project. This will not only speed the release dates of future updates, but will also widen and improve gameplay. If you wish to help, choose one of the following and either PM me or post here.
-Terraining: I need people who know their terrain. The terrain for the map is currently bland, I know. Help here will probably not be a bad thing.
-Items/Abilities: With a max level set to 20, I have yet to find the abilities to fit this. Also, help with the "broken tooltips" will count here.
-Triggering: Never bad to have someone who knows what they are doing better then I. People here are encouraged to know GUI and JASS, even though the map only uses GUI in this version.
-Testing: I usually find glitches/leaks and overall problems with the map. I do my best to find them, but there will always be a couple to pop up.
-Odd Jobs: If you really want, you can do small fixes on the map. The map is not protected at this time, and is open for those who wish to learn or fix things up.

Any ideas to help make this survival unique will be happily accepted.
Credit goes to kilst4r for his Terran Supply Depot used in this map. No other credits are required (I am hoping to make some custom icons for my map, but don't count on it).
Map is in its ALPHA stage and is unprotected for now.
Screenshots are up.
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Level 7
Jul 24, 2008
Ok, Good news. Looks like it would be fun
Bad news, It looks almost like every other Zombie Survival out there with a few tweaks to it.
Level 10
May 20, 2008
To make this less like another zombie survival ,I'm trying to get the map so that you will get mssions as long as the Base Camp is alive. Because you only are attacked at night, I constantly have the problem of being bored during the day. The missions will give more gameplay opportunities, as well as some more items to implement. I'm also trying to get a couple other ideas to make this game more all round fun, not just during the night attacks.
Ideas for the map are welcome.
Level 4
Oct 12, 2008
Sup Landmine!

Seems like you got a good idea here, keep it up.
The idea about the missions is a good one. This may be one of the few things keeping it away from the fact its a zombie map, and that its similar.

My idea that I had is perhaps a vehichle system? Use a trigger to activate the vehiche then a trigger to get you out, ya know? Perhaps simple vehichles for the city, just for transport, jeeps for item drops and an armoured car that spawns at the dropped off base? Idk just an idea.

Keep it up and dont forget to visit my project landmine!
Level 10
May 20, 2008
I might use the vehicle system. For now I got some screenshots (ingame screenshots are still to come).
@Remscar: Well, when a reactor creates zombies, most of them would be scientists (its in a labratory). That and zombies could find crude catapults.

Screenshots (will be posted on the first post soon, and removed from here):
1: City Entrance: The gate to the city. You see the edge of the forest, and a bunch of barricades the civilians of the city set up.
-Nice areas to hide
-Only 1 entrance to defend
-Item boxes, and close to item drop point
-No set light (torches or such)
-Close to a zombie spawn point
-You can be trapped quickly
2:Main Street: The end of the street you see at the city gate. You notice that there is a tipped tower and a bunch of set up barricades. Very well used area.
-Multiple walls to help clump zombies together
-Lights are plentyful
-Very few entrances (3)
-Emergancy escape hatch (sewer manhole, behind the tipped tower)
-Close to item beacon
-Can be cornered fast
-Escape path may cause unwanted damage (do not enter if you have less then 70 health)
-Very few items and creates
3: Port: A fun place to be. Is the waterfront of he map (not much water). Very helpful, and contains another opening for the sewers. This resembles a last stand area of a group of civilians.
-Lots of items
-Base Camp landing
-Away from the zombie spawns
-Has a barricade blocking an entrance (destroy at your own risk)
-Has the other end of the sewers
-No "real" downside
-Hard to leave the area when surrounded
-Zombies will come at you from both sides, surrounding you
-Once item supply runs out, you have to cross the map to get more
-Can get crowded
-Not to much light (sufficient, but not that much)
Level 10
May 20, 2008
Im adding in awards into my game. So if you do something special, you get a special item, or you gain another level, or something along those lines.
I'm also going to add in some random events, like some buildings collapsing (filling them with destroyable rocks. But the events won't happen the same each game, they will be random to prevent avoiding them so much.
Level 16
Oct 12, 2008
Well, i gotta say, i like the idea:grin:
I might have some idea:
A minigame: You all enter a tank, try to destroy buildings, zombies will die when you do so(at least, you think they do! ^^), maybe make some buildings that are only able to be destroyed whenever you do the minigame?
At least, i like the idea, i played a zombie survival once, also in a city, and you are right, it was really boring when they didnt attack, and it was TOO hard when they DID attack,,
Hope you make something REALLY good of your map =D,,

EDIT: Or for the minigame: 1 huge building, try to destroy as many parts of it as possible,, ;)
Level 7
Jul 24, 2008
You should implement a -save command, That you can upload everygame and regain your award items from previous games.

Somthing like in Dark Deeds.
Keep tracks of points you have to..
Points + Awards = Cool items/abbilities = Better Zombie Survival
Level 10
May 20, 2008
Ok. I've done work on the Marine survivors. I gave some a few abilities, but they still show the tooltips of the original abilities.
Also, I have begun work on the achievements. So far I have one for being able to kill 300 zombies in a game (15 nights). I'm thinking of making the kill limit higher, but I'm not sure.
About the tank mini-game. Sorry, but the map size does not work well with the idea. I'm thinking of saving the triggers, then just remaking the map, but that would take much longer to get a map out. I was thinking of adding in vehicles, however. Like have a tank drop, then have the ability to enter the tank and all that.
The building mini-game is the same as the above. It would require a new area, or use another building, but I'm not that skilled with triggers or being able to build buildings. Though I do have a building that might be usefull. I'll keep this mini-game in mind. +rep for this.
Saving: I was thinking about it. I'm willing to use it, but there are 2 problems that I face.
1: The few I have are implemented within an actual map. I have no idea which would be replaced with what.
2: No way to test it. I can't host (unfortunatly), and all the saveing systems I can think of, and have played with, require an online game. An with the state of the map right now, playing it only have perks in the night, which is only half the game. Ideas are still in construction, and overall, it just wouldn't look good.
If I can get a better save system, I will use it in the game, but I will say it now, it won't be tested.
As for random events, nothing happening yet. I don't have any big ideas for this area. I will have it so that there is 1/100 chance, or so, for a building to collapse (a certain building considering there are not many buildings to collapse). I have added in a huge negative for the sewer system. You will take somewhere from 100 to 200 damage, or 0 if you are lucky. Entering the sewers with less then 200 health is not safe, and you have a good chance of turning up on the other end dead.
Map news: I have added an effective anti-lag system. Dead bodies will be removed after 3 seconds. One problem with the map that has to do with items being removed is that after a certain item (I haven't pin-ponted which one yet) is picked up, it leaves behind a nice yellow dot that shrinks and grows. Its annoying, and will probably grab the attention of some players. Help with this will be rewarded.
Secondly, I'm figuring out some more ideas for zombies. I'm trying to keep the ideas original, but also ideas that will effect game play. For example, in Left 4 Dead, the Smoker explodes into smoke, causing less vision. I'm thinking of doing something similar, except that the cloud left will deal damage or something. Ideas will be taken.
Achievements are on the way (as I have said). Nothing big yet. I am open for ideas.
Lastly, I'm debating over weather. I may have it rain during the game, but that would create a few triggers to turn on and off the original triggers. It gets complicated. Fog is used, so no fog weather will be used (or you will not see much at all). If you havn't noticed from the pictures, the map is set in fall, so snow could be a possability.
Ideas for any kind of system for the map, or an idea for some specific part (achievements, events, missions...etc) will be thought through. Whether or not they will be used will be decided based on how it would effect gameplay (fog is an example of what wouldn't effect gameplay).
Level 10
May 20, 2008
Bump for a good cause. I have an alpha version of the map. The systems that are currently in the map are either well on their way to completion or complete (more completed then not). Saving is not implemented yet, and there are a couple random events. My achievement system is in progress. I have 2 achievments complete, while I have 2 in work. Screenshots and download will be posted on first post.