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Aug 6, 2010
Oct 12, 2008

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I R BLUMAK!!!11!!!!!

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Aug 6, 2010
    1. supertoinkz
      im currently inactive in drawing users, cause im focusing in my map
      BTW, you pleased me xD, so i'll draw you :3 (when i finished my map)
    2. NoAmmoSrry
      It is because war produces technology. That's why we go sending people there. 1. War = technology advances. 2.War = Something your Ego produces, something you can go blaming on for anything bad. 3. War = Controlling the population and creating jobs for people. The list keeps going. War is nonsense created by idle minds of people who have a need for an adrenaline thrill because they were born with a adrenaline gene deficiancy. Or that the higher powers needs to start it.

      The Vietnamese war was total bs. Just like the current war. It just how the world rolls. The world is a player and were are its peons.
    3. Marcelo Hossomi
      Marcelo Hossomi
      Sorry, but I can't. Everytime that happened to me I checked the textures pathes and something was wrong there, and after fixet the model worked...

      Maybe in the afternoon I can find out anything more xD
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    I'm working on Team Defender atm, its only a home thing now but i will expand it soon enough.
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    US West
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    I'm fairly new to modding, have no idea how to animate but I can pretty much copy and paste weapons and stuff, other than that, I'm here to learn from everyone else!

    Warhammer 40k and killing heretics.


    Like a brumak...only blue
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