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Uproots and Mobile Barracks (Jass Newgens)

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Level 3
Jul 12, 2014
basically i'm having issues with the root spell on my map, for whatever reason its nearly impossible for me to select an area to root at, almost everywhere is red. Additionally i'm having trouble rooting into the ground, the ancient can uproot, then root back into the ground no problem there, but if it moves even slightly it stops being able to root, even in its original spot, the message displayed is "Treant may not root there". how would i make it so that ancients can root basically anywhere (prefferably not in water or on like 90 degree slopes though lol).

On a side note is it possible to have a mobile unit that can train units AND move with right click? currently i have this flying necropolis-type structure that has the ability to train workers and special unit, the issue is though that right clicking doesn't move the structure, it sets the rally point, is there away to remove the ability to set a rally point, so right clicking moves instead of setting the point, while still having the ability to train units.

I am using the Jass Newgens pack if that matters.
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