Upgrading Abilities and Curse Item

Level 3
Apr 29, 2019
Hi all, have spent hours trying to figure this out, hopefully someone can help.

I am attaching my map. I can't get 2 things to work.

1. The ability "Upgrade" - I tried editing the base Engineering Upgrade skill, which has Editor suffix (Base Not Custom), and there is also a custom one that does the same thing that I tried.

I simply want to replace a weaker Healing Wave with a stronger one.

The trigger that does this is found under Events and is called Mountain Cave Merry, when the unit Merry enters Region 009.

Merry gets the Upgrade ability, but his Healing Wave is not being upgraded.

2. The item "Phial of Galadriel". A custom item found under Miscellaneous. I simply wanted to make an item that casts Curse. I want it to be expendable, 1 use of curse then disappear. However I cannot get the permanent version to even work. It's baffling because I used the same method for an Ensnare item called Elven Rope - just added the Ensnare ability to it and it worked...


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Level 5
Jul 31, 2019
Ok for some reason I wasnt able to load the map, now for your second question I have no clue to what the problem is

howevever for the first question: did you make a second healing ward that is better than the first, the engineering upgrade ability works by switching one ability for another when you acquire or learn engineering upgrade, I think the problem may be that youd did not create a better healing ward to replace the original with
Level 3
Apr 29, 2019
Pictures of the offending issue attached.

autocast abilities in items don't work. you can replicate curse's effect with drunken haze.

Thanks a lot! Got it working now. Simple enough.


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