Updating Playgroup List

Level 13
Oct 9, 2011
Hey guys.

The following list of Garena Gaias players, and otherwise, is severely outdated

Although I'm fairly inactive currently I'd like to update this list completely for you guys, replacing old names and running new separate lists of playgroups functioning outside of Battlenet.

So if you're a Garena player or you're using any other alternative means to play outside of Battlenet, chuck down your details or that of your playgroup/clan/chat channel and I'll work it in.

This includes things like voice chat channels, anything you can think of thats in use really.

A second idea idea is to fuse the old Battlenet and Garena playgroup lists into one single functioning list. If this was done it would be maintained easier and would allow people to find players close to their own Gaia's medium easier.

I believe this would help. If people are open to a single players/playgroup list, I'm happy to create and maintain it whenever S0ul reminds me.

So, list below:
Player names, for individualised lists.
Battlenet Clans
Gaias Clans
Active Voice Chat servers
Anything else you think would be relevant to establishing playgroups.

The list, for sake of formatting, will not include active classes although if I can figure out spoiler tags that is a possibility so that players can add their own individual note for what they have, what they need and what they don't want to be bothered about, provided it is not offensive to anyone.

Level 8
Oct 2, 2011
Alias: DGD-Kamina @USWest.battle.net (Have the same account on all servers but rarely use them anymore)
Clan: ORPG @USWest.battle.net

ID: 117277201
Clan: 351764 (Dai Gurren Dan)
Current Clan Members:
  • s0ulseeker
  • Salt
  • EUArchangel
  • Jombu
  • Kualeyt0
  • Vernaaz
  • SHBlade
  • O_OSamuel (inactive atm)
  • Grekern
Level 2
Nov 5, 2011
Battle.net: ApolloZ @USWest and @USEast
Garena: ApZollo or 247660414 User ID
Clan: Battle.net @USWest Clan ORPG