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A couple of questions

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Level 13
Oct 9, 2011
HI, Im new here, first off I'd like to say this is a fantastic rpg and I'm glad to play it, I hope to become a strong part of the gaia's community!

First question, I was wondering if anyone knows what the complete changelog for 1.1i is

Second, is there an updated list of the available ingame skills for each class.

If anyone could provide answers to those, that would be great.

I was also wondering if there is a thread dedicated to players outside of groups and clans just looking to play gaia's on battlenet or garena

For those interested, I've got a 31 crusader and I'm under the same name, Vestra, on Garena and all four FT servers. I'm willing to start a new thief or cleric if anyone's keen for a run through.

Outside of that, if anyone has got the answers, I'd like to know!

Cheers :D
Level 3
Jul 11, 2010
Welcome to this forum! I hope you will find some ppl to play with you. I added you in Garena, hope to see you tomorrow :)

About the changes in 1.1i:

CHANGELOG (v1.1i(2)):

- Fixed a bug where Burst of Light did not work correctly
- Fixed a bug with soaked debuff not being removed when the hero dies

CHANGELOG (v1.1i):

- new game mechanic: spells dealing physical damage now take armor and armor penetration into consideration - they will still not be considered ordinary melee attacks, thus ignoring evasion, ignoring the +critdamage stat and not triggering effects from melee attacks, etc.
- new game mechanic: reflected damage can not be reflected again
- When dealing damage in pvp mode, players are now rendered in combat for 10 seconds
- new chat command: -clear to remove currently displayed text messages including save codes (not player chat!)
- new PvP-team-Arena implemented. The Arena can be accessed in Mytargas.

- Holy book now grants 4 int instead of 3
- +Mana values of all items reduced by 20-30%
- Leavers now dont take up a dungeon player slot anymore
- Shieldslam pathing check resolution increased - it should now be impossible to "kick" someone through pathing blockers.
- changed some optical things with the bridges in D3 ... the characters should now walk much smoother over them
Level 2
Nov 2, 2011
Second, is there an updated list of the available ingame skills for each class.

If anyone could provide answers to those, that would be great

Regarding the spells, i'm not sure whether i can post a link from another site.

Aside from the spells that you can buy which you can easily figure it out yourself, i'll only list down some spells you can get from boss drops.

Cleric - Confidence , Burst of Light
Mage - Fire Sheild , Meteor Sunstrike
Ranger - Feline Reflexes , Barbed Arrow
Squire - Heroic Presence , (Unsure)
Thief - Blurred Motions , (Unsure as well)

"Scrolls drop from all bosses"

I always thought my second spell could only be found from bosses like in D2, but i was
wrong. I got my barbed arrow from the Witchdoctor near the bandit camp and feline
reflexes from the Giant Crab.

Hope this helps
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Level 2
Nov 2, 2011
Yes, i'm pretty sure, we didn't touch dungeon 1 for a long time. Was just hunting books and surprisingly found it there. Was hunting for my second spell at D2 for pretty long but only managed to find Meteor Strike
Level 2
Apr 16, 2007
Hello everyone.

I got an hunter and I just couldnt find any info about Armor penetration.

What does this factor do? Well I can guess that the more you have, the more you'll deal damage, but I mean, Is the difference of damage really noticeable?

Is there some kind of formula to calculate the damage dealt ?
Does enemy with more armor received more damage with armor penetration than ennemy with no armor?

I would really appreciate to know the formula or some kind of explanation that will guide me with my gear for differents situation.

Thank you very much.
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