Unread don't work for all subscriptions.

Level 22
Nov 14, 2008
Yes I have the problem that I got a notification (e-mail) that someone replyed to a thread, it even says which account it is. I select the thread, view unread posts, nothing happens. I scroll down, no posts by this "user" that had the last post in "notification" and the user cp. So I click user cp once more, clicks the shortcut to view the unread one and you know what, it directs me just to the first post of the thread (or resource).

BUT this doesnt happen to all my subscriptions but for now atleast two of them are seriously f*cked up.

Anyone knows how to fix or what is causing? Can screen it for mods (don't wanna put out names)

Thanks in advance.
Level 48
Apr 18, 2008
Usually when globally ignored users(usually new, 1-post users whose posts are invisible, of course, due to their global-ignore) are posting in a subscribed thread, the system will tell the subscriber there are new posts to view and yet lead the subscriber to the last page, or the first page of the thread with no new posts.