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Unknown ORPG

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Aug 29, 2007
Hey guys i need some help with an idea for a map that i have, I was hoping to get an experienced jass writer to do my triggering for me. I cannot use the rigger editor if my life depended on it.

I have some really good ideas that i think would blow most other ORPG's off the map. So i was hoping i could get someone to help me out. I could always trigger the whole thing myself. But then it would be utter crap.

Basic Plot
You are just a nobody doing nothing, hard at work with broom in hand. It's only twenty minutes till your shift is done. It's now time lock up and go home, you make your way up from the basement, lock the door. Your day is done. "Crash".... "RUN".... "GET UP".... Then silence.

Welcome To Ashuran, 6000 has past since the great awakening. Man as he was, is no more. Forgotten are the things of the past, lost are the things that were once grasped. But it was not for nothing, for now u have a new hope. Once you feared me, "BUT NOW YOU WILL EMBRACE ME". To you i am the unknown, but to all before you I AM THE END.

"For the first time in centuries you have opend your eyes, do not panic, you are awakening from deep slumber. Your days of worry are over. For i am here, he who will guide you, and shape you for your destiny". Whats left of the dark substance holding you melts away into existence. Dozens of glaring eyes all around you, unsure of anything other than the voice in your head slowly drifting away. "I Am Unknown"

Ashura is place best described as chaos. The mass amounts of unpredictable Unknown Energy -referred to as UE-, make it -for most- a very un-enjoyable place to live, The very balance of reality can shift at a whim, turning what once was a chicken.... into something else altogether. The most civilized colonies hire or train user's for the control of unknown within a populated area. For this reason user's are highly respected among their peers, and a very good diplomatic bargaining tool. The hub of the civilized world is known as Deiveve, the largest and richest of human colonies. It was also the greatest source of UE in the known world. Until the unknown barrier protecting the relic faded leaving it open to the world. Days after the greatest and most revered users within Deiveve, were summoned to investigate.
Just a wishlist...
Basic Gamplay

2-9 Players online

Each Character will be unique, choose a player model, Choose combat type (ranged, melee), Choose weapon type(sword, Staff, axe, etc..), Choose class, Choose spell/abilities, (more to be added im sure)

I would like to make everything in instances, have 9 zones set up to load just about any room i want taverns, inns, houses, any building u can enter.

Fighter -as you level this class will branch out as you learn to wield unknown better, will be main combat class, Can not use staff
User -Unknown User, healer/buffer, can only use staff, "small" weapons
Abuser -Unknown user, dps, Can only use staves, "small/medium" Weapons
I would like the player to choose what spells/abilities there characters use, as to the low amount of classes, because each person can make thier character unique in a thousand different ways(hopefully)
Each player will have to work towards gaining a class, you of course start the game as a janitor, through seemingly meaningless task's, and few whipping's from an employer, you will eventually become an apprentice, straight through to master will probly have at least five stages b4 master. The higher stage you are, the more resources you will gain for some azz kicking.

Combat in Unknown will be heavily inspired by eastern rpg's, Im talking random battles, turn based(im going to give an option whether you want real time, or turn based-If i can, if not ill probly just go turn based-), heavily animated. Each combat instance will take you to a set up "combat zone" load the appropriately level Mobs/bosses.

Party System:
I would like there to be some kind of party system. As in if you are in a someones party you will load into the same combat instances, share quests/exp/loot. And if u are not in a party then u are truly independent from the other players.

Will be a good side and a dark side, each of which will have thier own quests influencing how the main quests will turn out and over all endgame
As little fetching quests as possible
OMG as many as possible to fit on an online map. Will have main story line + all the little thing that make an orpg

Welcome To Town
I want each city to be just as unique as the characters. 100% live town, i mean every single npc has a role/house subject to change. A police force for random crimes that some citizens might make due to what they did that day. A fire station for random fires.

(will be updated regularily)

right now im am just doing the terrain, 1/2 through my fist city. But like i said i need someone to do some jass for me, because if i trigger this myself then it wont be anything like i want it to be. If you can give me a hand i would be ever so grateful, and give the credit where it is due.

Thanks, kajlin420
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Level 13
May 24, 2005
All these things/features you want someone to do for you in triggers/jass sound like very much work (let's say everything you want is possible to create what I'm not even sure about). I don't want to be pessimistic, but your terrain, story- and quest ideas should be absolutely awsome to motivate someone doing all this stuff. You should work out the story. The absolutely individual character thing could be nice, but maybe pain in the ass work to get it working (probably depends on the possible to change a units model during runtime..). Also think about innovation. There are lots of rpg's with good plots, chooseable abilities or turn based battles. Anyway, good luck with this!
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