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  • Yeah,about the Starcraft map,that was old ^^'i changed my computer a few weeks after i said anything about it so now it's gone.Sorry dude
    Yeah, I'd be delighted to test your map and see how much progress you've done with this race. Ty for considering my criticism, although it might seem short, none of it goes without good reason.
    Goron2222, :cgrin:
    Hello man!
    Not using black dragon man!
    Here is my old map, but its still using, yeah I have similar bugs as you with heroes. Please check it so you can use models for it in order map to get better and more fun! People are tired of watching same models from map to map!
    Here man I will update map soon (If i have time) expect much better map!
    Naga Race - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
    Please fix some things, I know you can better!
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