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[Altered Melee] Universe of Elements: Arena

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Level 4
Aug 9, 2014
Universe of Elements
Set 3: Arena



"Greetings, Great Magician! After the War of Shining Elements, I promised that I would keep peace in all the Five Kingdoms. You must be smitten with the beauty of the cities of the Empire, we have reached prosperity. In honor of the 10th anniversary of the unification of the Kingdoms, I open the tournament. I would like to invite you. As an old good friend, I ask you to shake the dust off your robes and remember the past. I, the Emperor of the Five Elements, Mark Cornelius, nicknamed Radiant, formally invite you to the Tournament of the Magi - Arena»

Altered Melee in the arena 1 versus 1. The goal is simple - to destroy the Castle of the Mage within 30 minutes. There is no long construction, from the first minutes of the game you plunge into the heat of battle. Use a variety of combinations of troops, items and magic to defeat your opponent. From the number of tactics the head goes around.

  • 5 Different combinable game styles
  • Many new units with unique abilities
  • Dynamic spectacular battles
  • Variety of tactics
  • New unique game mechanics
  • Award winning system

The conditions of victory are to destroy the Castle of the Mage of the enemy. For the convenience of the life of the Castle Mage are displayed as X/1000. The standard time for the round is 30 minutes. After a time, players will be declared a draw. The playing field is divided into squares - Land (initially the player has 1 land, total in the arena - 17).

On the controlled lands (F8), you need to build the Base Vault of one of 5 colors, corresponding to your style of play:
  • White - protection, light
  • Green - nature, life
  • Red - chaos, blood
  • Black - curse, death
  • Blue - intellect, cheating
More advanced units require a different amount of Mana Pool. In addition, the Mana Pool, produce mana, which can be spent on Magic and Equipment for units.
In addition, the Mana Repositories, produce mana, which can be spent on Magic, Enchantment and Equipment for units.
Add the Equipment to the Forge on the 1st slot to distribute the item to the next 12 units.

Plans for beta
[+] Non-standard Mana Depositories with their bonuses
Magic - support troops during a battle with powerful spells
Enchantment is a permanent spell acting as long as the Magician supports it
Weather - a subspecies of Magic, affecting everyone on the battlefield
[+] Uncommon Units
[+] Award winning system – Mage Icon, Skin Castle Mage

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From the author
Birthday of the project – 1.08.2017
Participate in the life of the project - get the unique Beta-Tester award

Change Log

  1. After 30 minutes (regardless of the health benefits of Mage Castle) a draw is declared. Victory is credited only for the complete defeat of the Mage Castle
  2. The arena is devoid of 2 points (next to the Mage Castle)
  3. The game time is displayed instead of Gold, the timer window is destroyed
  4. Mana is displayed in the multiboard
  5. The size of the army and the limit is displayed in the multiboard
  6. Mechanics "Graveyard" - allows you to collect corpses and use this energy as payment for dark spells. Displayed in multiboard (at the moment there is no Magic)
  7. Mechanics "Blood" - a resource accumulated in combat, is used to improve individual units and pay for magic. Displayed in multiboard
  8. Mechanics "Faith" - allows you to improve faith in the Light, not spent - improves the characteristics of individual units. Displayed in multiboard
  9. New captured lands can be selected using F8
  10. The new system for calculating Mana Pool
  11. The system of awards for victories! After the victory, the player can receive from the chest a random reward of a random rarity. It can be an icon for the Magician or a model of the Mage Castle
  12. The location of the appearance of troops is shown by the teleport effect
  13. Variable landscape, depending on the constructed non-standard Mana Pool
  14. Minor changes and optimization of map resources
  1. New landscape in progress
  2. Anastasia - personal assistant
  3. Uncommon units for 5 elements
  4. Magic in progress
  1. New landscape - "Imperial lands"


  • UoE-3-Alpha.w3x
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Level 8
Jul 10, 2018
Looks amazing something unique and looks absolutely awesome Keep up the good work! but need a bit of Environment if you know what i mean the gameplay is good but you need something the Players can look up to.
for example what a gameplay most important thing?
looking good
Keep up the good work x2!
Level 4
Aug 9, 2014
Looks amazing something unique and looks absolutely awesome Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much!

but need a bit of Environment if you know what i mean the gameplay is good but you need something the Players can look up to.

This is really a problem. The thing is that I want to make a "living" landscape, which reacts to the actions of the players. For example - Catacombs, spreading spoilage or the Tree of Life, allowing to create trees. At the same time, the player will not be engaged in decorating the map. So I need to automate the process, i.e. the creation of scenery depending on the color of the Land.
At the same time, Magic will also affect the landscape (volcano, earthquake). Bloodshed - in the beta version, the time of decomposition of bodies is significantly increased, which allows you to observe the consequences of major battles.
You told the idea, the starting location of the Magician can be decorated. But I realize this through a system of rewards, because the player will want his own unique style (At the moment you can change only the Castle itself).
Level 2
Jun 3, 2014
Good to see a map like that. I have always said that Warcraft 3 is perfect to test out concepts for new RTS games: you can reinvent global mechanics while conviniently keep well made and polished basic mechanics.
I have to note there are some typos and mistranslations though tooltips are clear enough to get their meaning.
Level 8
Mar 19, 2017
Idea wise, your map has lots of potential. I will not refer to the actual gameplay or the aesthetics, because i'm pretty sure you know your map is indeed in development but you already put lot of atention to detail and coherence. I can only encourage you to keep working on it.
RTS genre is indeed a very comfortable and rewarding genre to experiment, as the natural Warcraft III UI and base structure will not collide too much, in contrast of making too ambitious reinventions or with game genres that are too unrelated. Monopoly anyone?
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Level 32
Oct 26, 2014
Hey dude, thanks for using my model, that's cool :)

I think think this map could use some sort of height variation. The easiest thing would be to make it fully by hand. Some hills here and there would make it look much better without disrupting your dinamic terrain thing.

But considering the nature of the map, you d rather include pre-made height templates in addition to what you already have. Ofcourse if you aren't already working on it :)

By the way the writing seems really clumsy, more often than not I couldnt even understand what descriptions were trying to say. We seem to share a native tongue, so i could help you translate the thing
Level 4
Aug 9, 2014
Landscape in progress. This arena is called "Imperial lands"
Work in progress...

Village in the center

Starting location (Customizable for awards). Here stands Anastasia, your personal assistant.

Before entering the city - the bastion

City Center - Castle (not a play zone)

Market Square
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