[Solved] Units cant attack ingame?

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Aug 21, 2009
Well, I have only been working on this map for an hour or so.. so its a bit of an eye sore. However, I've made a bunch of custom units based off of the default ones (like the rifleman or footman) and changed a bunch of their stats, but on my first test of the map I discovered they cant attack, nor do they have the attack command button thing. I'm not sure if I've changed something i wasn't supposed to, but i cant figure out what went wrong.. Any help is appreciated. You can find the units in the "custom units" section of the unit editor (all of them under human)
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Jan 26, 2007
Well, the damage formula is:

(A+B) - (A + (B * C))​

A = Combat - Attack X - Damage Base
B = Combat - Attack X - Damage Number of Dice
C = Combat - Attack X - Damage Sides per Die

So technically, you're correct (if B and C are both 0, then the formula would be A - A).
But Warcraft just doesn't want to make it easy for modders and decided that B and C may not be 0.

I always set A to (first damage-1), B to 1 and then C to (last damage - A).
So if you want 80-100 damage, then A = 79 (80-1), B = 1 (always) and C = 21 (100 - 79).
Nice and easy.

One problem: a damage upgrade increases the last damage by by C (so with 1 upgrade, that would become 81 - 121).
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