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Tutorial-Making a hero

Level 6
Aug 16, 2007
Object Editor-Basics

Object Editor-Basics

In past few weeks i have seen a lot of people asking how to this and that.., so i made this "tutorial" that explains some of the basic stuff in object editor.


1.0 Create/open a map
1.1 Search for the "object editor" in the tool bar, or press F6
1.2 Click on the little map icon, with the right mouse button, and chose "New custom unit..." New Unit.jpg
1.3 We will take the "Blood Mage" as a custom unit, click on Blood Mage, than give him a name(in this case it will be "Fire Mage") and press OK

And now the fun part begins :) (for easier following the tutorial, search for "View" and tick the "Sort objects by name"view.jpg

1.4 Abilities - Default this are the abilities that the unit always have like, like heal on sorceress
Abilities - Hero the hero abilities
Abilities -Normal this are the abilities as are: invertory, permantent immolation, shop sharing, etc.,
in our case those abilities are inventory(hero) sphere(sphere are the things that flies around the hero, its only an effect)

Art -icon - game interface
- this is an icon that shows in game/hero icon(the icon in upper left corner of the screen)
Art -icon - score screen icon that shows the icon of your hero at the end of the game
Art -maximum pitch angle - click on this, if you want to change the unit angle(like the default is 10 and the unit stands like this | if you want to set it like this / click on that line hold SHIFT and press ENTER than wrote an negative value like -45, and hit the ENTER again)
Art -model file change the model of this unit, click on it and browse and select the model you like
Art -scaling value by clicking on this and setting values 2 = 2x size of original unit, 3 =3x size of original unit, etc. setting it as 0.50 = half size of a unit, etc.
Art - selection scale by changing the values, you will change the size of a circle around the unit when you select it NOTE:the best way for this value is that you set the same value here as you set it for scaling value (like scaling value = 2 than the selection scale =2)
Art - shadow if you don't like the shadow you can set it to NONE
Art - tinting color setting the all values to less than 255 will result in darker color, by setting them all to 0 , the model will be all black

Combat - acquisition range
this is the range from where the unit will attack automaticly, if the unit is out of that range this unit will not attack.
Combat - attack type browse between the attack types
Combat - cool down this is how fast your unit attacks
Combat - arc this is the projectile height setting it to 0.00 the projectile will fly straight,by setting it to 0.10 and + , higher will the projectile fly
Combat - projectile model browse between the models and chose the one you like
Combat - projectile speed how fast the projectile is
Combat - range this is the range of attack
Combat - targets types whitch targets are you able to attack( tick those you wish to)
Combat - (the same goes for attack 2)
Combat - attacks enabled browse between attack 1/attack 2/both/none

Movement - height
set the height of flying units

1.8 Pathing - colision size this is how much the unit is material, by setting the value to 0 other unit can walk trough this unit

Sound - unit sound set
browse between the sound sets and chose the one you like

Stats - agility
per level how much agility the hero gains per level
Stats - inteligence per level how much inteligence the hero gains per level
Stats - strenght per level how much strenght the hero gains per level
Stats - primary atribute atribute that hero have(strenght for meele heroes, agility for fast attack speed heroes, and inteligence for spell based heroes)
Stats - sight radius day/night how far does the units see at night and day light
Stats - starting agility/strenght/inteligence the atributes that the hero have on lvl1

- name of hero, and other tooltips for that unit

NOTE: Custom Heroes can only be made out of a default Hero(follow the tutorial), you can't made them out of a footman or peon or another non-hero unit.

Coming soon: 2.Abilities-basics
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Level 3
Feb 16, 2008
i have a question, do you know how to raise a hero's level higher than 10, e.g. hero line wars, hero siege, etc.
Level 4
Mar 5, 2008
bigDino, go here:
Gameplay --> Gameplay Constants, check the box saying "Use Custom Gameplay Constants", and scroll down to the Hero section. Somewhere it should say "Hero Maximum Level". Change this to what you want.
Also, if you want to gain exp for creeps when you're over level 5, go to "Hero Exp Gained - Creep Reduction Table" and change it to how much exp you want to get at each level. I usually just change them all to 80, like at level 1.
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Level 6
Aug 16, 2007
As you guys see im no longer active, because of some insulting users, calling me ******,*****,****** <-Yeah.

so if some one is interested to continue this tutorial can just copy this tutorial, and write a tutorial about abilities, items etc. and create a new thread.
And admin delete this one.

This is probably my last post, so Hive stay alive, and ban fucking retarded noob kids with no respect, ban their fucking IP send them a Virus that will burn out their PC.

Cya people!