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tt.xaz terrain showcase

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Level 4
Aug 10, 2008
1.A city in the clouds.
2.The heart of the earth and miner house.
3.Forgotten place, village on a road to mountains. Very small, abandoned and forgotten by whole world.
4.Improved (I hope) version of the previous screen "forgotten place".
5.Just a normal house.
6.A citym, where the battle began.
7.Antique pool xD
8.A pirates cave, place where they collect treasures. Also their "house".
9.Human fighting with the orc.
10.Bridge, flowers, trees xD
11.Magic portals.
12.My imagination xD
13."Floating" city,
14.Road and old, forggoten graveyard
15.Temple of the moon
16.Old, strange forest
17.Orcis city at night
18."pure evil" xd
19.Strange, imagination world
20.City on trees
21."Know-how: summoning deamons"
22.King's throne :grin:
23.Gul'dan's dream.


  • wind city.JPG
    wind city.JPG
    36.4 KB · Views: 625
  • center of the earth.JPG
    center of the earth.JPG
    61 KB · Views: 595
  • forgotten place.JPG
    forgotten place.JPG
    40.8 KB · Views: 524
  • forgotten place v2.JPG
    forgotten place v2.JPG
    41.6 KB · Views: 486
  • normal house.JPG
    normal house.JPG
    96.3 KB · Views: 504
  • death town.JPG
    death town.JPG
    71.1 KB · Views: 377
  • antique pool.JPG
    antique pool.JPG
    70 KB · Views: 408
  • Pirates!.JPG
    44.2 KB · Views: 411
  • hum vs orc.JPG
    hum vs orc.JPG
    57.7 KB · Views: 371
  • nasta.JPG
    88.1 KB · Views: 455
  • burza xd.JPG
    burza xd.JPG
    68.2 KB · Views: 338
  • graveyard.JPG
    99.5 KB · Views: 223
  • moonlight temple.JPG
    moonlight temple.JPG
    58.2 KB · Views: 256
  • old forest.JPG
    old forest.JPG
    50 KB · Views: 230
  • orcish city life.JPG
    orcish city life.JPG
    56.5 KB · Views: 276
  • sargeras przed klatkami.JPG
    sargeras przed klatkami.JPG
    46.6 KB · Views: 261
  • whole world.JPG
    whole world.JPG
    67.1 KB · Views: 229
  • yellow_wood.JPG
    61.7 KB · Views: 251
  • my vis3.JPG
    my vis3.JPG
    42.8 KB · Views: 215
  • salatronowaly3.jpg
    59.8 KB · Views: 229
  • guldan vis.JPG
    guldan vis.JPG
    53.5 KB · Views: 205
  • my vis.JPG
    my vis.JPG
    22.3 KB · Views: 185
  • my vis2.JPG
    my vis2.JPG
    83.3 KB · Views: 277
  • portal.jpg
    91.9 KB · Views: 160
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Level 4
Aug 10, 2008
New screen-a small village (2 house...) forgotten by the people.
I don't know, how create gray moon, without blue border :confused:
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
Really good atmospheres. Just at a quick glance, the big thing I noticed was the moon in the last one. I'd make it less bright and a lot smaller.
Level 4
Aug 10, 2008
Thanks Gilles.
I changed size of the moon on that image. I hope now looks better than before.

I created a picture with a normal house (maybe miner from the "heart of earth"? xD)
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
It still looks like a big ball of blue light to me. Not sure what you can do. Perhaps take a few of the glow doodads out? Add clouds?
Level 4
Aug 10, 2008
There are 12 glows. Maybe blue color is sky fault?
Again I forgot the clouds. I have always to break something with clouds ;c
Level 18
Aug 3, 2008
lol thats fuck up :p

i think the point that ninjasdontfight is tryin to make is the the background outside is kind of large for the house.

try and use a different camera angle and emphasize the windows, and leave the door out of the picture. Showing the sky in a house almost always make it seem bigger , and a more like a window.
Level 4
Aug 10, 2008
I added 2 new terrains, 1st is a town during siege, 2nd is a antique outdoor pool.
I hope u like it :grin:
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Hmm.. let's see..

First Picture - Greatly made, nice idea. Just as NinjasDontFight said..the clouds are abit too flat.

Second Picture - Good terrain .. but weird..weird that I cannot point out anything that is wrong.

Third Picture - The background is empty ?

Forth Picture - Same as third picture , background must add something.. make hills and trees or something to fill it.

Fifth Picture - Looks too systematic.. hmm how to say.. the cupboards and beds are just like spamming/queing up. Something curious I saw, why one part of the floor and the cupboard has white glow =.= Fix that please. :xxd:

Sixth Picture - Nice picture.. just something I wanna ask, what's that red thing at the left of the picture?

Seventh Picture - Impressive, I liked your idea .. nicely made.. The light looked abit useless in this picture..I suggest deleting it will give the picture a nicer look.

Good luck in TERRAINING !! :thumbs_up:
Level 4
Aug 10, 2008
Hi again:grin:
After a long absence (school, etc.), i made new terrains, fighting orc and human, and some enviroment. I hope u like this.
Level 10
Aug 22, 2008
Sorry to say but it's not very nice, it's actually kinda bad compared to your others. But you can improve it by doing some things.

I think the river rushes should be tinted to a little more greenish color, and you should change the variation on those who looks like cattails, because they're really ugly. Use the real "3d" cattail instead. And the river rushes also goes through the piers... Not good.

Too little height variation.
And the "portals" just looks like spammed archways... Sorry. But I still think nearly all of your terrains are excellent. the fog was nice though. Keep it up!
Level 4
Aug 10, 2008
next update.
22 screens, and i am still a terraing noob :cry:
I need practice more then i'll be better :grin:
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