Troll Hall Tiered

Uses no custom textures !

Troll Hall Tiered (Model)

General Frank
A very well made model edit of the regular Orc main building. Nice use of textures. Works in-game and performs well.

General Frank

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Nov 19, 2005
Typical response, was sure of it ! :) Fine, I'll finish the damn thing !
Typical response? You are member of this site for a long time and yet you never really showed any kind relationship towards the staff or moderation actions.
We are doing our duty, for free for users like you.
I don't get what your problem is, but I see your attitude needs to change fast.
Amazing! So far, one of the best custom town halls, IMO. That is exactly what I was looking for: wonderful exterior, lore-friendly design, a new floor tile texture which visually defines buildings of its race.
I'm always really lacking such buildings for my multi-racial map, so I will be waiting impatiently for your pieces of art to come out!
Here are some screenshots to prove that I'm not lying (though, I'm not sure if it's suitable to post them here, however, that might inspire you to do the things).
Map screenshot 1.pngMap screenshot 2.pngMap screenshot 3.pngMap screenshot 4.pngMap screenshot 5.png