Triggers & Scripts - Read Before Posting!

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Jun 30, 2016
Questions related to the fixing (and ONLY fixing) of GUI triggers, vJass/JASS scripts and AI go here. Threads regarding the creation of a trigger, how-to-do-this-type, go in World Editor Help Zone, as do general World Editor-related questions.

  • As always, all global site rules apply.
  • You must have some basic content in the first thread in order to post here.
    • Threads which don't contain something in [trigger] tags or [code=jass] tags will almost certainly be moved to World Editor Help Zone.
  • Since this forum contains all of GUI, vJass, JASS, and AI, please tag your threads correctly, and please abide by the tags of a thread you are in if responding.
In this forum you may request help with the following:
  • Triggers
  • JASS scripts
  • vJass scripts
  • Zinc scripts
  • LUA scripts (relating to their dynamic use with WarCraft III)
  • Wurst scripts
How to copy the text of your trigger/script:

Right-click on the trigger's name, select "Copy As Text", then paste it in [trigger] or [code=jass] tags.

Following these rules will ensure that people who are browsing this forum looking to help people improve on their programming style don't have to click through irrelevant posts, thus making the whole process more efficient and allowing you to get the assistance you need.

Best of luck and, most of all, have fun!
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