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Tree Variation 1

This is a tree model, the first variation out of 3 models, scratch modeled using Oinkerwinkle's Vertex Modifier. It's my first model, so please keep the harsh criticism to a minimum.

It uses in-game textures, so there's no need to import any textures.

Do not edit unless you have my permission.

Please give proper credit if you use this in your map.

Update: Fixed the wrap so that it does not appear to go dark to light, then dark to light again.

Tree, Plant

Tree Variation 1 (Model)

11:19, 27th Jul 2008 Pyritie: Kinda basic, but could be useful.




11:19, 27th Jul 2008
Pyritie: Kinda basic, but could be useful.
Level 2
Jul 5, 2008
Nice tree model dude it'll be great in my maps..
Can i ask you? are U taking a request? Coz i want to request a non-doodad type World Tree...If you dont mind can U make one coz i dont know how to create a model or edit some skins i am just a map maker...
I'd be waiting for that if your gonna take my request and Thanks in advance!!!
Level 3
Oct 30, 2009

I have to disagree, though the two models use the same texture for the leaves, the trunk is a different texture. Plus, look at the other VERY important feature of the model... file size: 7.3kb verses 27kb. This tree is both more efficient and personally I find this model to be very asthetically pleasing. 5/5! Great work! :prazz:
Level 2
Jul 11, 2009
Pretty good, but uhh, theres variations if it's going to work or not. It may not at the start, but keep trying and then it will. But I don't get how that happens? But it's good. I like it 4/5
Level 4
Aug 4, 2010
AH! well I did just download and it's a great model BUT when I start wc3 and the tree isnt there, it's there when I build in editor but not when I testin' it ? anyone have any clue about what I've done wrong or is it a bug or something, yes otherwise it was a good model, might should make the bark a bit more better since it looks pretty boring tho,