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Tower Defense - Idea

Is this a good idea so far?

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Level 2
Jul 1, 2009
Here are some of my notes for my up and coming TD (That is sadly yet to have a name). I didn't feel like putting it all down in prose because that would take much too long and I dont have that kind of time. The creature race is unfinished as of yet, those notes will be put up tomorrow. All I can say about the creature race is that it is radically different from either technology or magick.

Each of the the three races have their own individual tech tree. For technology and magick, it is sort of linear, following a guided path, though by no means the same. Creature, however, follows a complex and non-linear path, meaning there could be litterally hundreds of possibilities for towers. Each race is supposed to be radically different from each other, so if you could point out some things that dont look too opposite or have an idea that you think would go good, by all means, please share. I would love to have your opinion on the matter.

I do have a story formulating in my head, but it is by no means finished ;).

=-=-= Tech =-=-=
-Low Tower Costs
-Prototype (Weak), upgrade into Improved (Normal)
-Self buffs (X%)
-Upgrades to boost damage, range, etc. (Found in Main Building)

o Specilizations
-Research [Research Center]
-Allows for enhanced MB upgrades
-Unlocks Advanced tier of towers (Better than improved)
-Allows the creation of the Laboratory
-An ultimate MB that creates a builder that can build a tower that
gives special AoE Buffs for surrounding towers. (2x2, Same as

a normal tower)

-Innovation [Invention Center]
-Creates the Enlightened Builder
-Can skip the prototype stage
-Improved towers cost 10% less
-Can build the Inventor's Haven
-Creates The Inventor, who can give performance enhancing
buffs to certain Improved towers.

-Science [Scientist's Plaza]
-Allows some towers to upgrade into Cutting Edge type towers,
giving them Chaos damage.
-Gives a permanent 2.5% damage buff to all towers on the map.

=-=-= Magick =-=-=
-High tower costs
-Has magic abilities that can aid in damaging creeps (slow, DoT,
-A Tech Tree that is entirely dependent on towers, not MBs
-Requires mana, which is restored by building Runes
-Runes are buildings that have the custom ability "Arcane Flow",
which is based off of "Essence of Blight". More powerful runes can
restore more mana for the mana cost and have higher mana

o Specializations
-Magick specializations come from having a rune and one or more
towers. Once these requirements have been met, then Magick uses its
1 food to upgrade into its spec, be it Storm, Earth, or Fire.

-STORM: Storm is the most mana-dependent spec for Magick. It
utilizies spells that can stun, provide temporary boosts for
surrounding towers, and deal massive amounts of damage
to single units.

-EARTH: Earth is least mana-depended spec for Magick. They utilize
spells that damage units in an AoE, delay creeps by using
movement slowing abilities, and [suggestions needed].

-FIRE: Fire utilizes attack abilities like Searing Arrows to damage
its opponents. It can summon fire minions that can aid in
killing creeps.

=-=-= Creatures =-=-=
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