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Tooth and Tail

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Level 25
Dec 30, 2007
"Lead the revolution with an army of flamethrowing boars, mustard gas-lobbing skunks, and paratrooper-puking owls."

And before I make this look even more like an advert, I'm primarily here to ask if anyone is playing? I've had a great time with the game thus far and would really like to try out some 2v2. Heck, if there's enough people I'd even be game for an "in house" tournament!
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Dr Super Good

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Level 64
Jan 18, 2005


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Level 45
Jul 29, 2008
That is highly opinionated...
Sure... I mean, he asked me what it was. I gave him my opinion on it.

Or are you that much in opposition to it?

Dr Super Good said:
Also should a book filled with murder/death to rival Game of Thrones really be a children book? Or does it happening to anthromorphic animals suddenly make it alright? It also has extreme racist under tones with certain animal species being inherently evil.
... Guess that answers my previous question.

I don't know about "rivaling Game of Thrones". While it's been many years since I read it, I don't recall any more death & destruction than in, say, Lord of the Rings or Wheel of Time. It's softened somewhat by the anthropomorphic nature of the characters; we feel less bad about dirty vermin dying than we do actual human beings, yes. In that way it's a nice gateway/introduction to the concept for younger (not kids, but youths/teenagers) readers; something that anthropomorphic animals have been doing since Aesop's Fables & beyond.

If there's something Redwall is infamous for, it's not the death; no, that is outstripped by the culinary exploits. Mr. Jacques had an uncanny knacque for describing, in excruciating detail, some of the most mouth-watering feasts & meals in fiction. This guy really went all out.

And I fail to see how that could be a bad thing.
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