Tome of Retraining Model Add Animation.

Level 16
Aug 20, 2009
Well, i want a tome of retraining, with "Stand" as the original animation, but it won't stop the animation just like in the original one, it keep on Absorbing energy like from the surrounding...

i want its death animation to be added as the end of the absorb,
and i want its birth to be starting the "stand animation".

how does it sound?

in other words, keep the birth and death into nothing,
and add stand animation as its original animation,where light keep on being absorbed into the center.

without Any model edits, just animation adding.

simple? (i notice the original animation stopped for a while, then loop itself again, i don't want the stop at the stand anyway.)

Help will be greatly appreciated.
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Level 14
Nov 18, 2007
Not sure if this is what you wanted, but I edited the model with War 3 Model Editor.

I changed the birth animation into looping and changed the name to Stand. I also added a Death animation so that it wouldn't last so long after the effect gets destroyed.
Note that the sound will keep playing every time.


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