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Time Warp Spell

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Level 2
Jul 20, 2016
I'm not too great at making spells that are MUI yet so i really need help on this (this is also my first post on the site). Here are the details of what the spell would do (not sure if this is possible but heres hoping):

Ability Effects
  • The ability would be a be a no target click that picks every unit within xxx range of the caster and separates them into allied or not
  • If the unit is an enemy it will calculate the amount of health and mana the unit has lost in the last xx seconds and deal that amount of damage/mana to the unit, thereby "warping that unit forwards in time." (if the unit gained health/mana in that time period of course it will gain instead of lose)
  • If the unit is an ally it will calculate the amount of health and mana the unit lost in the last xx seconds and heal the unit by that amount, thereby "warping that unit back in time." (again, if the unit gained health/mana it will have the opposite effect and damage the unit instead)
  • All enemy units will be hit by a dummy cast giving them the buff "Time Lag" (or something like that) that causes them to move and attack 25% slower for the amount of time they were moved forwards
  • An allied unit (hero or non) that was killed in the time period can be revived (ex: an ally died 4 seconds ago and the time warp moves all allied units back in time 6 seconds. that unit would be revived with the health it had 6 seconds ago. not sure if this is possible but it would be a really cool feature)
Ability Visuals
  • First off, i have several other time based abilities I have made and all the effects are blue so it would be nice to keep with that theme :)
  • Upon casting, two portals are created to the left and right of the caster. Allies are sucked into the left portal (to go "back in time") and enemies are sucked in to the right portal (to go "forwards in time")
  • Once every unit is sucked into the portals, they close up and disappear for approx 1.5 seconds. Then the caster reappears in his original location with some sort of effect and all other units are spit out from his location to a random location in the range of the ability (now is when the effects are applied as they are coming out)
  • OPTIONAL: Maybe the portals could attempt to suck the units in but can be evaded. "Sucking" lasts 5-8 ish seconds before the portals close
Also, I am useless with anything but GUI so at least the configurables need to be in GUI. The rest can be in whatever form is easiest.

Again, I'm not entirely sure if all of this is possible. If not, maybe the unit could be channeling for 5 or so seconds and then time warp all units based on the 5 seconds the unit was channeling for. That wouldn't be ideal but would be an acceptable substitute and probably much more doable. Any responses would be great though and of course rep and credit will be given when I use it for my map :)
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