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Throwing up to skip event me wants to keep unattended.

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Level 1
May 15, 2007
The last 50% of the school day tomorrow is training for the ball(Which I won't even care to attend) And I need to find a way to somehow... Not attend the P.E or somehow otherwise stay away from school. If I really have to make it as drastic as to mix up some "Secret potion of Bowel upthrowing", I *may' Do that...(Though I need to research on recipes(I've heard heated water and salt works wonders))

Smaller problem, though - Is that I've never faked sick to skip school/P.E before :p I just always had a special talent of getting dizzy, having headache and at all getting sick when I felt like it(...) So I never really had to.

I do not know if this is sarcasm or not, but ah well - Of topic it is, and that is all which matters(Right?...)

Ethical, no. Necessary - Yep!

... Ah well, lets hope it all works out... Though feedback would be appreciated.

(Yep - This definitely *Feels* Like sarcasm after writing this, though I am somewhat halfway serious
Level 9
Oct 15, 2006
To make your body throw up just eat mild salsa with a bag of tostitos. Then eat a can of sliced pineapple rings. In an hour or two you will be regretting it but will get the job done. Make sure you chew the chips REALLY well or else they will cut your throat on the way up.


Just work out and enjoy being active and have fun at school because your time there and the opportunities which arise there will not happen again.. and you may just find yourself regretting not having more fun with your experiences once you find out, after schooling, that you are losing contact with your friends due to college and what not.
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