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Three Heroes: Portal Valley V0.99a

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Three Heroes: Portal valley
Created by Tasyen

This map is kind of an Arcade-Shooter in a Warcraft setting. You take role of a hero of human kind and fight your way through an orc base and its leader.


The alliance has located a small new portal leading to a world full of orcs and demons.
3 of the alliance's heroes have gathered and moved to the orcs hideout, the portal's control center.
This hideout seems to be under lead of the orc Warlock Gul'Moor as a spy reports.
It seems like Gul'Moor wants to scale up the portal to lead more orcs to Azeroth, under the urgent of this situation Dagren, Garithos and Antonidas decided to attack the orcs at once, without waiting for any greater force.

You take role of Dagren, Garithos or Antonidas a powerful hero.
Fight your way to Gul'Moor and defeat him, than the portal will collapse.
  • This Game is played only with the Keyboard.
  • The Screen auto moves northways
  • The Heroes must Fight Orcs and pass Traps to achieve Victory.
  • 1-3 Players.

voteable "-Extrem" = Foes move/attack faster & Screen scrolls faster.
voteable "-Survial" = Try to clear as many random generated Stages as possible.

Added 4 new Stages with 4 Boss-Fights.
Amount of Game time now is ca. +-18 minutes on Success.
Added a new Powerup: Exta Life, gain another Ahnk on pick.
Each Hero starts now with 2 Extra Lifes.
Powerups - Following: do now Grant a Small Bonus for each Member of the Team, but the Bonus for the picker was Reduced. On singleplayer no change.
  • Heal: 40 for picker 5 for other
  • Dmg: 35 for picker 10 for others
  • Life: 10 for picker 5 for others
Added a ingame Readme, where Quests were.
Changed Default Camera Angel of Attack 304 -> 310
Boss gain additional Life if played with allies.
Fixed some buggs for Player 3
Reduced Death AoE of Towers and Barracs a little bit.
Changed some Units checkout Ingame Readme.

Changed the Cheat "-BossFightnow" -> "Bossfightnow": It now will teleport you to the End of current Stage.
Added other Teleport Cheats
  • "Stage 1": teleports the team to Stage 1
  • "Stage 2": Starts instantly Stage 2;
  • ""upto Stage 6
  • "Stage 6": Starts the Final Stage; Be aware that you don't gain Powerups and can't use this Cheats to play a Stage multipli times in one Game season.

Orcs which pass the Y-Border are Removed from the Game, Except Gul'Moor.
Enabled the Cheat to instantly Start the Boss fight. "-BossFightnow". Only Use it after the Y Boder started Moving.

Each Powerup has his own Grafic-Model.
Added an Survial-Stage Beta

On Stage Clearing: Revived Heroes weren't selected.

-Fixed a Bug which prevented the shockwave from beeing shot
-Fixed a Animation-bugg with Cast/Attack. Animation was beeing overwriten by "stand"-Animation, happened if you Attack/Cast while walking and then stoped moving.
-Added an Arrow, on the Ground, at the End of Stage 1 to show that you have to move northways out of the Screen.
-Added an Text-information that you have to move to the North at the End of stage 1 to continue.
-Increased the Wall-lenght at Gul'Moors chamber by 2 Tiles, to avoid the Boss walking outside.
-Moved the last Powerup of Stage 1 a little bit to the South to prevent beeing taken without entering the hidden place.
-The Kamara Bound will not walk back (slowly) after reaching Stage 1 End anymore.
-Made the Map a little bit more flat.

Shortend the Map-Filename to THPV.
Removed some Audio Feedbacks of Warcraft 3.
Fixed some Animation buggs.
Added new Models for Heroes and Gul'Moor.
Improved the Fight with Gul'Moor.
Added a new PreStage. Total Duration 2-3 -> 4-6 Min.
Adjustments to Archmages and Garithos's Spell.
Weakend Orc shamans a little.



This Map is open Source.

Three Heroes: Portal Valley V0.99a (Map)

Level 24
Oct 12, 2008
I overall liked the map, it plays well despite being rather rough visually.
Movement controls well, considering arrow key movement in wc3 has always needed to be approached with caution can come across as frustrating when mishandled.

This is one map where I'd dare say having less and more simple terrain might work better; and by that I mean removing all the bumps on the ground, and perhaps reducing the number of texture used to 1.
The reason why I feel this way is because it was quite a struggle initially to figure out what exactly was happening, quite a significant amount of visual clutter; more due to size of unit/doodad models rather than too many of them.

If I were to critique with the map design on any level, it would be that allowing enemies to auto-attack you from behind seems cheap. And sure, perhaps you've done the math and found it to be balanced. That said, it feels imbalanced even if it may not be so (take what you want from this).

All these however, are minor gripes and the map is overall a well put together and suitably challenging.

TLDR Version
Review Version (v0.91) - 30/9/16
- Co-op map loosely inspired by Arcade Shooters
- Looks visually unpolished, but plays well otherwise.
- Rather challenging
~ Map Approved
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