Those Darn animations.....

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Apr 6, 2008
Animation Trouble!

Ok I made a standard road barricade to go along with my street doodads (that I'll be reposting soon) based on this picture:

Teh Stuff
and it's animations work fine in magos's but don't work at all in-game. (previews attached)

Picture (1): unanimated

Picture (2): Portrait

.wmv file (1): death animation (the barricade just sits there for a while after)

.wmv file (2): birth animation

.avi file: magos animations

(stand animation is the only one that works correctly) (portrait is ok, but I could use some help)

PS: If anyone can find a place to team color this or help me add a light emitter to the light on top, please help.

EDIT: the videos are a little jumpy because of hive's low video file upload


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