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This made me laugh XD


Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
Once every half a year or so I happen to read this thread and I see a lot of Retera quotes that I already forgot that I posted. Why am I so amazed by stuff that I posted in the past? I already forgot that I posted it.
This weekend I got an email from the user formerly known as MomoiroCrose. He was citing me the Bible verse where John the Apostle talks about the COVID19 Coronavirus vaccine specifically and explains that if you receive this vaccine, you cannot go to Heaven. When MomoiroCrose writes to me like this, he does so because he is trying to make sure that my soul will be saved. This is a good example of the unity of the Warcraft III community and how we are always working well together and have each other's backs.

Whenever I want to remember that sense of community and that feeling, I always go back and watch Reforged Announcement recording on my channel uploaded from 2020 to remember how it feels.