Third Person Camera & fable style map?

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Jul 19, 2010
how would you feel about a third person camera in a fable style map?
I mean work out all the bugs (still messing with the turning bit) and it could be pretty epic am I right? I will post screen shots in a bit of this third person camera but i find it, honestly, to be pretty epic!
Except for the bit that it is almost impossible to turn correctly (if anyone has any suggestions for triggers regarding this then feel free to post).
Anyhow, I am just wondering if you guys would be interested in seeing a map with a beginning like fable, small town, friendly people, odd quests to do, but turning more into something along the lines of "In the Name of the King" (Movie, you can click here to see more about it)? But solely single player. Some of the perks of it being single player would be;
  • NPCs being completely interactive, you can carry on conversations. Each NPC having something different to say depending on what happens to that NPC or what they hear.
  • Music, lets face it, everyone would like some sort of music instead of the boring WC3 back ground music.
  • An epic world with almost endless possiblities. Seeing that it is single player, it can have an unlimited file size, unlimited characters, and a vast open region to explore.
  • More indepth experiance. Instead of messing around trying to make the triggers fit multiple players, you can focus on one single player, making the adventure more in depth and fitting.
Comment for ideas? :)

EDIT: Added the third person screen shots! Like?


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I made a working arrow-key & 3rd person camera system.


If you finish a decent area of the map send me the pictures and map, if I like it I'll send you back the map with the systems.
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