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A Lowress version of the skin with some small quality improvments. I also updated the highress version.

ThePrinceOfNachRablahLowRessFinal (Texture)

THE_END: I absolutely love the knees on this
Level 4
Jan 26, 2005
Wow, absolutely stunning. Only ting I would change is make the name smaller. This is beautiful, its this kinda stuff that makes me feel all tingly inside, maybe thats eating too many hot dogs though....5/5 I wouldn't change it at all.
Level 12
Jun 13, 2004
the colors catch me like a net in the water
the face is of brown and makes me quiver
the last thing that wiggles my taste budds
is the overal beuty of this work of art
except for the lines that dart on the picture
that make it hard to rate it perfect
not to worry, i still think its great
great enough for a DC, and thats great enough for me..