The Zre Diamond 1.5

This is a advanced RPG for one to four player.

This game includes 4 own music, loading screen, preview, good terrain, story line about an epic battle against evil for great justice, 17 breath taking cinematics and beautiful landscapes, secret bosses and so on...

Because of many special things, time is literally flying out the window as you play this game. Especially, when you are playing with friends.

I hope you don't mind about the game size, it is almost 4 mt, but it is pure quality and lagless.

This game has 6 different heroes. Every hero has 1 unit spell, 4 normal hero spell and 1 ultimate hero spell. About 1/3 of the spells are made by triggers.

Story tells about elven, who need to find the Zre Diamond to save his lands from humans. The Zre Diamond is located in mystery island of Zirumega. The island which is known by a mystery destruction.

Please tell if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.

I do appreciate criticism and applaud.

This map is not my first map. Try my other games:

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Version 1.1:
- Added new item "Ring Of Speed"
- Added new item "Speedy Gauntlets"
- Added new item "Murloc Chieftain's Knife"
- Added new item "Ologozo's Sword"
- New quest "Ologozo"
- Some buildings drop items when destroyed
- Fixed Lady Death's spells
- Fixed Shipwrecked quest where you cannot bring the boards
- Fixed some grammar errors
- Fixed some other minor things
Version 1.2:
- Fixed Fast Slash spell's buff
- Balnazzar's Sleep spell duration have been decreased
- Fixed Pain spell, cannot no longer cast to other players
- Fixed Shipwrecked Peon reward
- Fixed some grammar errors
- Fixed some other minor things
Version 1.3:
- Added new quest to main mission
=> Test of Intelligence
- Fixed some other minor things
Version 1.4:
- Fixed weather effect
- New mini boss Shadow Warlock
- New mini boss Sea Elemental
- New item Shadow Warlock's Head
- New item Sea Magical's Remnants
- Agility will no more give defense to heroes

Version 1.5:
- Fixed Shadow Braver's damage
- Added version update in quest log


The Zre Diamond 1.5 (Map)

Craka_J: Isn't such a bad RPG. Map should be bigger though. Approved.




Craka_J: Isn't such a bad RPG. Map should be bigger though. Approved.
Level 2
Oct 1, 2007
good map! really fun, but didnt really get that intelligence test... just walked around and pressed, and it succeed :D
Level 1
Mar 9, 2011
one of my top 5 favorite games ever on wc3, possibly of any video game. The characters are all useful, the puzzles and fights don't get repetitive and the final battle is amazingly epic and gripping.
Level 3
Jul 13, 2016
ok that 9 lock quest makes no sense to me and i have stuck on it for ever.any ideas? (btw adding riddles like this its a bad idea if you dont add an alternative like a cheat)
Idk if yur gonna play the game through again, but the Circles change the status of the ones directly adjacent to it, including itself, but not including diagonals, so if you step on the bottom row left column circle it will activate the middle row left column circle, the bottom row middle column circle, and itself
Level 3
Jul 13, 2016
What I'm confused about is how the fuck to get to the dreadlord

cool game tho, good work

Oh and also, where the fuck is the third shop that's not the boat or the skeleton?
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Level 1
Feb 26, 2017
It was a very enjoyable map, the tasks, the stories, the fiction were very good. Thank you. I think you should keep making maps. ;)


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