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The Wolf Prince

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Sep 7, 2008
Chapter 1

The wolven were a kind folk, living in the tree house type homes they built themselves, King Ralneko and Queen Sofina rules over these people in a peaceful time, but soon all of this will change. Flaken, the wolven prince, trained in a secret cave, mating season was coming soon and even though he already had a mate, he still wanted to impress her at the festival.

The festival consisted of several events the wolven would do before they mated. Starting with the feast, they would have a fighting tournament just for fun. Other events will be done but the feast and tournament are the most important. While these events are taking place, the Queen and King will lead and watch. Flaken however will help start the events with his father and King

Flaken walked into his private cave and took off his jacket, laying it on a rock. His black fur lay still and the cave was silent except for the pitter patter of dripping water trickling from a lake just above. He balled his hands up into fists and began swinging them into the air hitting 'invisible' enemies swiftly and with the grace of his people. He stopped and breathed in deeply, calming himself he let the breath out slowly, his eyes were closed. After a few short seconds his eyes jerked open and he turned around fast and struck a big rock with a powerful blow, the rock crumbled to pieces. He continued punching the air after wards.

Meanwhile, Rosela was sitting in the garden picking blue flowers creating a flower crown for him. She blushed frequently as she remembered meeting him in the same garden, their first kiss, and soon they would share another memory in the garden in only a few days to come. A gentile wind blew by and she looked up in the direction she remembers Flaken going into that cave and smiled as she saw him heading into her direction. She hurried and finished the flower crown for her prince and went to hide in a near by bush. When Flaken entered the garden and looked around she jumped out of the bushes to surprise him.
"Boo!" she said giggling.

He jumped and turned around with a smirk. "You spooked me." He said chuckling along with her giggling. He looked in her hand and saw the flower crown, he smiled. "Whos flower crown?" He asked already having a guess.
"You silly." She said with a smile, she got on her tippey toes and placed the crown on his head. "Perfect fit." She got back on her feet only to be caught by his arms.
"Indeed it does fit perfectly." He puts his forehead on hers and they both smiled. He gives her a kiss. "So, you really want to go through with mating season this year?" he said with a look of insurance. She wraps her arms around his neck.
"Mhm, we have been going out for a few years. Me being sixteen and you seventeen, I think were eligible enough. Pwease." She frowned and made a puppy dog face up at him.
"Oh alright. You know I cant resist your puppy dog look." They rubbed their noses together. "Come, mom said that she was gonna cook our favorite for breakfast." He put his arm around her shoulder and they went off to the castle for some breakfast.

Waiting back t the castle, Flakens mom was preparing their breakfast. "Wheres the sugar!?" asked Sofina. "My son and my soon to be daughter will be here any second. I want this years feast to be perfect." she demanded her and some servants rushed around the kitchen making breakfast and started on the feast for the festival.
"Heres the sugar miss." said a servant handing the Queen the sugar she demanded for.
"Thank you deary, continue with your duties." The servant nodded and went back to her cooking. Sofina poured a few cups into the batter and began to stir it.
"Ma'am, prince Flaken and miss Rosela are on their way to the castle." a watchman said sliding down a vine to the window the kitchen would be located at.
"Already!?" Sofina fluttered with impatience. "Alright, lets pick up the pace people, I want the food done and on the table before they get here." They started to pick up the pace, stirring pots and pouring ingredients, cooking everything. Soon dishes and plates were taken out to the dining room. After a few minutes all the dishes were out on the table with flowers and candles.

Flaken and Rosela arrived in the dining room, they looked around seeing only the table and the food along with the candles and flowers. "Looks like were eating alone." Flaken stated walking up to a chair and pulling it out for Rosela. "After you miss." She smiled at him and sat down at the table, he tucked her in.
"Thank you kind sir." She said as if they were out on a date.
"Your quite welcome madame." He sat down in a chair next to hers and they began to eat. Sofina peaked around the corner and smiled.
"We did good." She said turning to the servants. She high fived one of them and they went into the kitchen to start cooking for the festival.

After a few minutes of Flaken and Rosela eating, Flakens father walked in reading a tablet. "Morning son, Rosela." He looked to see what was on the table. "Mmm, your mom went all out today didn't she."
"Mhm, I think it was very kind of her." Rosela said taking a bite out of her pancake.
"Alright, I wont other you two anymore Flaken, if you want to talk to me about anything, don't be afraid to ask." Ralneko stated walking off. Even the fur couldn't stop Flakens blushing from showing. Rosela giggle seeing her soon to be blush.
"Its alright sweety, I'm sure you'll do good." She state trying to cheer Flaken up some. He looked over at her and smiles.
"Thanks Rosela, I'll try my best to please you in the festival." She too smiled and they kissed before going back to eat.

Ralneko went to the library inside the castle and put the tablet on a shelf. He walks over to a chair and sits down in it. He closed his eyes to take a nap. Then a soldier burst in the room. "Sir!" Ralneko jumped up and fell out of his chair. "Sir, the Queen requires your assistance. She say's its urgent." Ralneko stumbled to his feet.
"Tell her I'm on my way."
"Sir!" He saluted and hurried off. Ralneko stood up and shook his robes off.
"Goodness gracious what could she want this time." He says walking own the halls to the kitchen. He opened the kitchen door. "You called sweety?"
"Yes I did, you and I need to talk, now." Sofina stated pushing him into the hallway.
"Did I do something wrong?'
"No, but I think we should help our son through this, not embarrass him to death." she knew what he said to Flaken when they were eating.
"Alright, I'll give a talk to him after the feast. Though it was Rosela that wanted to do it this year."
"I know she does, and I'm happy were going to have grand kids, but what if Flaken isn't ready?" She says twiddling her thumbs.
"You just have to believe he's ready. If we believe in him I'm sure he'll do great." he puts his hand on his wife's shoulder to comfort her. She looks up at him and smiles.
"Your right, I just have to believe in him that's all."



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Sep 19, 2009
i like the concept of your story, but the way you tell it doesnt really make it too interesting, its tsill a gj :wink:
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Aug 27, 2007
Don't indent--double-space between each new paragraph just like you would do if you were posting on a forum. It's easier on the eyes.
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Sep 7, 2008
"Your right, I just have to believe in him that's all." She sighed to herself as she walked towards the kitchen.
"Everything will be alright deary, just have faith." he told her before she went into the kitchen, "just have faith." She went back into the kitchen with a smile on her ace. She went back to cooking the feast.

After Flaken and Rosela finished eating their breakfast, they had gone back to the castles private kuru where Rosela had make Flakens flower crown. She had gotten undressed from her robes and laid in the spring looking up at the sky. Flaken however was laying on the rock, his tail swaying on the side of the water. The tip of his tail laid gently in the water.

She looked over at Flaken. "Something wrong sweety?" she asked him seeing a worried look on his face. He looked over at her and smiled.
"Oh nothing, just pondering my thoughts, mostly thinking about you though." she giggled at him and swam up to the rock he was resting on.
"What exactly about me are you thinking about?" she asked curiously.
"Just thinking about how I want to take you when the time comes." he said teasing her.
"Flaken!" she yelled his name splashing water onto him. He looked in her eyes with a smirk as he gets up getting undressed. "Flaken... I know what your thinking." He dived into the water splashing her. "Eek!" is what she screamed trying to block the water with her hands. After the splash she looks around, not seeing Flaken anywhere. "Flaken?"
Just then, Flaken grabbed her up out of the water, holding her in the air. She made a squeaking sound. "Rawr!" he rawred as he did so. She started to giggle and he started to laugh some.
"Ok... ok, you can set me down now." He gently lowered her into the water with him so they were face to face. She giggled a little more before giving him a kiss.
"So, what event would you like me to try my hardest in?" he asked holding her close to him. She ponders in her thoughts some before answering. She snuggles her head into his chest.
"The tournament." she said enjoying his embrace.
"Alright, I'll do my best to win my trophy." he said rubbing his head with hers. She giggled a little.
"Are you sure you haven't already won her?" he and her both smiled as they got out onto the grass to dry. Soon they close their eyes thinking of the future. The guard that was watching in a near by tree smiled and looked on.

Soon, night fell, the moon rose and the torches were lit. Huge and long tables were brought out an opening in the center of the town that has been cleared for the feast. Tables and chairs were put up as were torches to light the field with light. The tables were being set and the food was brought out. Afterward s people were called out to come to the feast, almost everyone in the town came.

Flaken waited patiently for Rosela, he was dressed in a tux like suit. The jacket was black and the shirt was too, his pants cut off just below the knees as tradition suggested. Rosela walked down the steps of her house dressed in a white dress that complimented her fur. It looked kind of like a wedding dress with the wide bottom piece but the bottom piece wasn't very wide. She had a flower crown on made of blue roses, again something traditional.

"How do I look?" Rosela asked as she turned around to give him a look.
"You look amazing." Flaken stated looking at her with a smile. "Come, the feast cant start without us." They wrapped opposite arms together, his right arm and her left.

The two of them walked out of her house and down the street toward where the feast was. It was quiet on the street since mostly everyone was at the feast. They walked down the street and were soon at the feast, everyone cheered with joy as the special couple arrived. Flaken and Rosela both smiled as they waved to them, heading to their spot on the table. Ralneko was seated next to his wife Sofina, the two new couples sat across from them.

After everyone was seated, the feast began. Everyone started to conversate and take food off the large dishes and onto their plates to begin eating. Flaken looked up every once in awhile to see if his parents were looking back at them. Sometimes they did but did so with a smile. Flaken smiled back as best he could but something in his gut told him something was gonna happen. He didn't know what, he didn't know when, he didn't know where, he just knew something was gonna happen.

Rosela didn't really notice him looking up at his parents but she could tell something was bothering him. "Whats wrong deary?" she asked in his ear over the chatter going on by the others.
"Hm? Oh nothing, just have a feeling something bad is going to happen." he said with a worried look on his face.
"Don't worry about it. I'm sure it will pass. This is a special event this year, we should have fun." Rosela gently wraps her arms around his right arm, rubbing the side of her head in it to comfort him. He looks at her and smiles.
"Your right, their is the tournament after this so I better eat and enjoy myself until then." he says with confidence in his voice. She looked up at him with a smile toward his confidence and they went back to eating. The queen and king however were very scared Flaken might get hurt in the tournament.

"Are you sure its such a good idea to let him compete... maybe we should talk him out of it." Sofina started to get up but Ralneko stopped her.
"Sweety calm down. Letting him fight in that tournament will build up his confidence. Even if he does get beat up, Rosela will kindly tend his wounds and keep him company." Sofina sighed and sat back down.
"Your right, but I just want to talk to him, I feel as if I have to." she looked down into her lap where her hands rested.
"You'll get your chance. This is his chance to prove that he is all grown up. Soon he'll have kids and we'll be an even bigger family." he said as he rubbed his wife's shoulder. She gently looked up at him with a smile and she nodded.
"I'll get my chance, I just have to wait." Sofina restated what Ralneko said.
"There you go, now come on, lets enjoy the festival." Ralneko gave her another insuring rub on the shoulder and they to continued to eat.

Soon everyone was finished eating and people began to push tables together as a huge stage. Then a huge cloth was placed over the tables that had a big red circle on the center of it. After this, people started to go home and rest up. Faken took Rosela home and slept with her. His parents went back to the castle to rest as well
Chapter 2 "The Tournament"

Rosela woke up first and looked over at Flaken with a smile. She leaned over and licked his cheek. He smiled in his sleep, dreaming of something joyful apparently. She didn't want to wake him up until it was time for the tournament, he was gonna need his rest. She got up out of the bed slowly and quietly as she headed out the door of their room, she looked back at him and blew him a kiss.

She walked downstairs into the living room and looked outside the window and into the streets. Morning darkness was being consumed by the morning sun and the flowers opened up to the light, welcoming it. She smiled again and went into the kitchen to cook Flaken breakfast in bed. Flakens mom had taught her a few things about cooking so she thought she'd give it a try. She started to pour batter freshly made into a pan, beginning to cook.

Flaken woke up a few minutes later and smelled the batter being cooked. He looks outside the window with a smile. "I guess she's making breakfast in bed, she would of woken me up otherwise." He keeps laying down so he doesn't disappoint her. When he hears her footsteps he pretends to sleep.

She walks into the door seeing Flaken pretending to sleep and she smirked. "Morning Flaken." she says walking over to him and setting the tray down on the bed side table. He smiled and opened his eyes. He leaned up and gave her a kiss.
"Morning sweety. Did ya cook breakfast in bed?" he asked looking at the food. He sniffs it. "Mmm. Smells good."
"Thanks, and I cooked it for us." she says holding a bite of pancakes for him to take. He takes it thankfully.
"Mmm. Delicious!" he says smiling at her. "You might just give mom a run for her money."
"Oh you tease." she says tapping his nose. She takes a bite of pancakes for herself.
"I'm serious. Those are pretty good." he sees her expression when she takes a bite. "Told you."
"Come on, lest eat, the tournament is coming soon so you better get ready." she states giving him another bite.

Sofina and Ralneko wake up in their room and get up stretching. They give each other a kiss an smile. "Today's gonna be Flakens day, lets hope its a good one." Ralneko says giving Sofina another kiss.
Level 10
Sep 7, 2008
“Let’s get ready, the tournament is coming and we don’t want to miss out on our sons big day.” They got up, ate and got ready for the tournament.

Back at the arena, most of the competitors had already arrived and were stretching for the fight. The referee was sitting nearby reading a rule book. Soon, Flaken arrived and started stretching and wishing the others good luck. Some people were sweating; others were nervous, but not both. When Ralneko and Sofina arrived, people started to get ready. They all wrapped a cloth around their hands, mostly where their knuckles were. Ralneko stood up from his seat. “I welcome all of you competitors to this year’s tournament. This year will be a special one for we have a special guest. Because of this we will have more rounds, longer times, and more special rules. The first set will include a total of 120 fighters, 60 rounds. The person that wins the fight will move on to the next set, no exceptions. The first round will be… Flaken and Keln. I wish you luck in your fights. Let the tournament begin!” Ralneko sat and everyone started to cheer.

Flaken stepped up on the stage. His opponent on the other side. Flakens opponent was more buff but he knew strength wouldn’t win this fight. Both of them put this special goo int heir mouth called leekleek. The substance would harden to stone on their teeth and can only be dissolved in a special berry juice. Flaken was wearing a pair of black shorts; his upper half was visible to the crowd. His opponent had on red shorts.

The referee got into the center. “Ok, first off no hitting below the belt, you will start and stop on my whistle. Got it?” both of them nodded. “And one more thing, you can either knock your opponent out of the ring or until he gives up. Ready? Go!” The referee blew the whistle and backed up.

Both of them got into a fighting stance and got closer to each other. The buff man was known as Keln. Keln swung and Flaken ducked, swinging his fists rapidly into his opponents gut. Keln leaned forward his arms wrapped around his stomach as he backed up. Keln recovered and got back into a fighting stance. Flaken smirked as he got back into his stance. Keln only got mad as he charged forward swinging both of his arms. Flaken jumped over Keln and pushed on his back before landing.

Keln didn’t notice how close to the line he was and hopped on one foot to stop himself. He was only millimeters away from the line. The ref went over to have a look. He leaned down to take a closer look. A few seconds later he got up and gave the ok to continue. Keln whipped some sweat off his brow as he turned around. He then was met with Flakens foot into his gut, pushing him out of the ring. The referee blew his whistle and held up Flakens hand. “Round one goes to Flaken!” A bunch of girls that adored Flaken cheered and screamed in excitement. Rosela just smiled as she recived a wink from him.

Everyone else just applauded, including his parents. Keln got up and went over to Flaken. They both shook hands and got off the stage. “Lets give another round of applauds for Flaken and Keln!” Everyone clapped again. “Next round is Leko and Ralph!” Ralneko announced as the two walked up the stage. This went on for a few hours. People fell out of the ring; others were forced to submit defeat. Soon, 30 contestants remained. Half of the tournament was over and everyone was given a chance to rest. The next round was Flaken and Ralph. A new set was about to begin as both contestants entered the ring.

“This set of rounds, contestants will use wooden swords in an attempt to knock the opponent out of the ring.” Two females got onto the stage to give both of them their gear and a wooden sword. Flaken and Ralph put on their safety gear and gripped their wooden swords. The referee gets on the ring.

“Rules are pretty much the same. No hitting below the belt area, and no jabbing in the face.” Both of them nodded. The ref picked up his whistle. “Begin!” he blew his whistle and backed out of the ring. Flaken stood their in his stance as his opponent charged. Ralph swung his blade and Flaken blocked it with his making a loud snapping sound. Flaken acted quickly and elbowed Ralph in the chest.

“Oof!” he said backing up to gain his breath. Flaken swung his blade hitting Ralph’s legs, tripping him. The bell rung when he did so. When ever someone is knocked down the round is over. There are three rounds in all. Ralph stood up and grumbled as he walked over to his spot. Flaken did the same. When they were ready the bell rung again.

Ralph waited a few seconds, staring down Flaken who had his eyes closed, relaxing himself. Ralph thought he had a chance and charged again, again their blades met. Ralph backed away to avoid Flaken’s elbow. Flaken stood his ground. Ralph got agitated expecting to have a blade swung at him. Ralph swung but this time he got hit in the gut with Flakens blade. Ralph toppled over and the bell rung again. The women started cheering again.

Ralph lost but they gave him one final chance. Flaken threw his blade out of the ring to make it more challenging. Ralph got into his stance and waited for the bell to ring. As it does he goes charging. Right when he gets up to Flaken, Flaken side steps and pushes hard. This makes him fall out of the ring and the women cheered one last time for Flaken. Flaken won. He walked over to Ralph to offer him a hand up. Ralph smirked as he took it and was raised up off the floor.

“Winner is Flaken! Will you two gentlemen mind taking off your gear for the next round? Thank you.” Ralneko stated as the two of them removed their gear and placed them in the arena. “Flaken will move on as Ralph takes a nice relaxing dip in the spring.” Ralph started to leave as a few ladies followed him.

Flaken hopped off the stage as well and went over to Rosela. She went up and wrapped her arms around him with a big smile on her face. He smiled and gave her a hug back. She looked up at him. “So far you’re doing great! Come on, I want to get to the garden so we can relax.” She said saying ‘we’ with enthusiasm. He nodded and walked off as they heard the bell ring to begin the next round.

“Looks like I’m going to be able to win my trophy.” He said tickling her sides. She giggles and moves away a bit to stop him.
“How about you claim your prize now before the next set starts.” She says looking up at him after she stopped herself from giggling.
“Mmm… sounds like a plan to me.” He smiled as their foreheads touched and they kissed. He picks her up off of her feet and heads towards their private garden.

They entered the garden and he laid her down on a patch of grass. One of the guards that guarded the entrance closed the door so no one interrupts them. The two of them kiss for quite some time. All of a sudden they heard a loud buzzing sound in the distance.

“What was that?” Rosela said scared a bit. They kept their ears open to listen for that sound again.

“Must have been the wind.” He said. They both relaxed and started to kiss again. Just then they heard the sound again but this time it was louder, as if it was getting closer. They stopped kissing.

“Flaken, I’m scared.” Rosela states as she peers into the direction of the sound. Flaken got up and started to walk over to the woods to see what it was. “Be careful Flaken.” She said leaning up.

“Don’t worry, if anything it should be more scared of me than I of… Holy!” Flaken yells out as he jumps backwards. A tree had toppled forward and a large black metallic thing stood in place of the tree. Rosela screamed and the gates of the garden burst open and guards rushed in.

Most of the guards got up in front of Flaken and raised their shields as they heard the creature roaring. They were expecting it to strike but all of a sudden the roaring stopped. The guards kept their shields up expecting something to happen.. Soon more guards came in.

The guards surrounded the beast waiting for it to do something. After what felt like days, a door on the side of the creature opens and a man steps out. He stands their and scratches his head seeing all the wolven guards. Rosela rushes over to Flaken.

Chapter 3: New race, New beginnings.

The man was wearing black loose clothing and had a black smudge on the left side of his cheek. His hair was black and his skin was tinted black. He looks over all the wolven with his hat in his hand and his hand scratching his head.

“Kul takle ler le tr n lekelo.” He says as he takes out his radio phone. He begins to chat with the lumber camp leader about what he had found as he continues to look at all the wolven guards.
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