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The WoK

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Jul 24, 2008
The Wrath of Khan

By: Blackcrown

~Zombie Defense style map~

~Can be a single player or a two player game~

This is a single or two-player base-defense style map, You and your optional partner have to defend the Fort from the onslaught of the infected population; while in between each of the round, the players are advancing further into the infectious city. Destroying contamination spreaders, fighting bosses and rescuing survivors. The players at the moment have a limited selection of organic and mechanical units as well as a variety of purchasable items.

The players defend several pre-fortified bases, each one at a time; from wave after wave of violent infected. After each set of eight waves, the round ends and the Infected-Commander begins spawning and the infected increase in strength. The order for the squads to advance further into the city is given to march onto the next fortified area. Each base inside the quarantine-zone has four or more entrances for the infected to access, requiring the player to use teamwork acombination of barricades and assault-suits.

(More units, items and mini-quests will be added in future updates)

Deploy-able Barricade: Creates a Barricade at a target location. Cost: 10$ (Doesn't stack) (Pack-Up ability)

Crate of Land-Mines: Places a hidden land mine at a target point. Enemy units that move near the land mine will activate the mine, destroying the mine and causing area of effect damage to nearby enemy units. Cost: 75$ (Three Charges)

Explosive-Barrel:Places a barrel at a target point. The barrel can be detonated or activated when destroyed, causing area of effect damage to nearby enemy and friendly units. Cost: 35$ (Doesn't Stack) (Detonate ability)

Clarkston; A small but wealthy city of approximately 50,000 people. Founded by the international mega-corporation Khan.co as their corporate base as well as their main research labs, manufacturing plants and distribution centers. The cities population is over 85% employed by the corporation. All the cities water, power, food and health-care facilities are under regulated and controlled by Khan.co

There was numerous medical reports coming out of local hospitals in the area, the reports stated they several patients had been diagnosed with an unknown skin disease, as-well as mutation and irregular skin and bone growth. At first they we're few and isolated cases that we're inconclusive but the patients we're non-contagious through any means, condemning virus inside which proved impossible to spread. Large teams of health-care and disease control experts we're sent into the city of Clarkstown to investigate the origins of the virus; since all patients received we're from the city. No word was received for two days until a distress call was received, security forces we're ordered into the city to secure the water-waste facilities as well as town-hall. The mission failed horrible and 68% of forces involved we're lost or infected and "Quarantined".

The Virus contaminated the cities water-treatment facility and infected general population. Measures have been taken to quarantine the out-break but these measures can only stop the flow of Water, Food and Waste but so very little from keeping the already infected from migrating and spreading the virus even further. Road blocks and a military-zone quarantine have limited the movement of infected but further precautions must be taken. The deployment of six elite squads into the quarantined zone has been decided; their target goal being the extermination of all infected. This mission will severely decrease the amount of infected inside the quarantine zone, and the overall the danger level of solider-infection. This will allow for further deployment of allied soldiers and final eradication of the virus.

The facilities and businesses inside the city-limits owned and operated by Khan.co are listed below.
  • Khan Hydro-Power-Plant
  • Khan Water-Treatment Facility
  • Khan Deep Excavation Mining Facility
  • Khan Mineral Treatment Lab
  • Khan Pharmaceutical Lab
  • Khan Weapons Manufacturing Warehouse
  • Khan Weapons Lab 01
  • Khan Weapons Lab 02
  • Khan Distribution.Co
  • Khan Bio-Engineering Lab 01
  • Khan Bio-Engineering Lab 02
  • Khan Bio-Engineering Lab 04

You, and you're squad are to defend the southern fort just outside city-limits. Your orders are to keep the infected from over running the fort and spreading the virus at all costs. Reinforcements will arrive as soon as possible, then you and your squad may advance into the city. Look for survivors and rig the listed facilities with explosives.

" No official report has been made, but evidence shows that Khan.co may be responsible in the lack of security and lack of swift precautions at keeping the virus contained."








This is a playable ALPHA. Please post feedback!

I wanted to release a early playable alpha because I thought I could release a piece of it now and get some early feed-back before I continued further. I will keep updating this thread and these posts every time I get a chance.

~My to-do list~
  1. Fix Infected A.I <
  2. Fix Infected Choppy Movement <
  3. Redo Infected Spawn System <
  4. Add more(4) Infected Units <
  5. Finish PAT's, Assualt-Drones and Fire-Hog units
  6. Polish Unit tool-tips
  7. Polish Upgrade tool-tips
  8. Polish Item tool-tips


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Jul 24, 2008
~~~Post reserved for Change-log and Model credits~~~

- Updated above posts with more detailed information.
- Added To-Do list.
- Added screenshots.
- Updated Game-play and Story.
- Added Item information.
- Reorganized Thread.

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