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The Ways of Love

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Every so often,
There's this feeling from above.
It makes hearts of stone soften,
I think it's called love.

Oh yes, what a pleasure,
Just a hint makes me feel warm.
Like an ancient treasure,
It works just like a charm.

There are those that are lucky,
There are those still waiting.
Some want it early,
Some are still thinking.

You should play your cards right,
For it it like a dove.
It could easily take flight,
Oh, the ways of love.

This poem was written by me on Friday, August 19, 2011 during our English class. Our teacher told us to write a four stanza poem with four lines each. She told us to write about what we can easily connect to; and I thought I could write about my love life.
I also tried to make sure to only mention the word love twice; in the beginning and in the end to give myself a little style when writing poems.
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