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The Temple of Salonian : Terrainer needed

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Level 24
Aug 1, 2013
Hi all.

I am working on a Dungeon map called The Temple of Salonian.
I already made a lot of stuff but I know that my terraining skills are 0.
I cannot give exact information about the map without leaking all secret routes and hidden items so I will give some information about what the map is about.

Long ago there was a king named Salonian. He was rich and powerfull and controlled the largest lands in the world.
But Salonian wanted more, so he attacked the demons to conquer their lands.
He and his army slaughtered many demons and showed the world that they were the most powerfull beings alive.
Not long after the first battles against the demons, the great king Salonian and his army were slaughtered before the feet of the demon lord Verioth.
The king and all his money and belonings was burried in a massive temple on a small island. Verioth cursed the temple and sealed it off to make sure that noone will ever try to battle against the demons again.

16.000 years later, the king Geirmund ordered a small group of men to investigate on the temple, and reclaim the treasures of his great-great-great... ...great-grandfather. You as a fellow member of the companions must do the best you can to fulfill your king's desires.

Some features of the map:
  • 1-4 players
  • adjustable difficulty
  • alternative damage system
  • 8 classes
  • 33 abilities per class
  • custom/full screen inventory
  • custom/full screen skilltree
  • some small features to improve ease of use

I will give the map concept in pm.

Thanks in advantage.
Level 32
Apr 2, 2013
Okay, well if you check my only uploaded map on Hive, the terrain is good. I'd say slightly below average.

That map was created almost two years ago. But since then I've learned a lot from downloading (and reviewing) hundreds of maps as well as looking at terraining tutorials.

I'm also highly active. You can trust me on not giving information out. As a part of Hive's staff I'm supposed to be responsible.
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