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The Survivor

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Level 4
Apr 16, 2013
Hey Guys im Back Wc3 Again :D

And i created "The Survivor :grin: .. "



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Level 34
Nov 24, 2007
"And the Lady Heir will turn the red sun yellow, and make the ashes go away."
- Heh. (Yeah, Gilles, I'm reading Mistborn, and loving it.)

This is neat, and I even don't mind the orc. (Being the unit hater that I am)

I love the sun, and those birds, they add so much depth to this piece, and really makes
it stand out. But, as always, with Born2Modificate's high res doodads, the terrain seems
gritty somehow, and unnecessarily gritty at that. This is why I always advice people to
use the high res doodads sparingly, and mixing them in with other, newer, cleaner, high
res doodads, like Talavaj's or oGre_'s.

That aside, the only thing that makes me cringe is the grass all the way up close to the
camera, but that is more your graphic card's fault than it is yours, as they are so thin,
and your screen is just pixellated enough that they look... Well, jagged.
And you could add a little more flora to the background, as is currently, there's an
over-abundance of grass doodads.
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Not bad, though it could use extra depth and smoothness.

You need a better grass model for the foreground, it's damn pixelated.
You could try fiddling with the Uffergrass model there with accordingly tinted variations of course.

I never thought that I'd say this but I'd loose that gray water model and play with Blizz's default water and add infrane's waterplane one plus playing a little with glows and nebulas.
You should loose that green felsen edge from the lower left corner, it's damn ugly.
Add more life to that pond, lily pads and reed would do.

The trees seem to be of the same size and density, try to play with proportions a bit.
Bushes would help add more variation to the forest, right now it looks quite uniform.
Some rock models like b2m's gray felsen or Tal's glade rock models would add some nice touch to the forest as I see now.

I think that you should find a better orc model, this wow rip is a bit too edged.
Same goes for the in-game elk one, I'd personally either remove it or add a HQ one.
I love the birds though, those add a pleasant feeling to it.

You might want to change the camera's height angle a bit, it's too close to the ground for comfort.
It makes one's eyes cry out in pain.
I really like what you've done with the glows and that flare model.

The only thing that bothers me about those is the tint itself, it seems slightly over-brightened.
You could tone down the tint to better integrate the atmosphere into the terrain.
I'd also play a bit with cloud models for the background to add some kind of mist that would add more depth to that part of the terrain.

P.S Darn, Keiji beat me at it :b
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