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[Miscellanous / Other] Recreation - Dead by Daylight v 1

Discussion in 'Map Development' started by Jackhamme, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. Jackhamme


    Sep 8, 2011
    Hey guys, I've been doing some work on recreating the game Dead by Daylight on Steam and have gotten pretty far. The game is a 1 v 4, basically a hide and seek on steroids.


    What is dead by daylight?
    In Dead by Daylight, you play as either a Survivor or a Killer. The Survivors aim is to escape the level, and the Killer’s goal is to stop them.

    How do the survivors work?
    Survivors have a bigger vision range, are able to vault over some blockages and can crouch to hide (go invisible) in tall grass/bushes. Survivors can walk which has low movement speed or run, which has medium movement speed but leaves behind a trail that everyone can see. Even at running speed the killer moves FASTER than the survivors.

    Survivors have 3 States of health, Healthy - Injured - Dying/Hooked. Once the survivor is in the dying or hooked state their mana(known as their Bleedout health) will drain over time, if hooked it will drain considerably faster. Once the survivors Bleedout health hits 0, they die.

    Survivors DO NOT share vision.

    How does the killer work?
    The killer moves faster than the survivors and has the ability to place bear traps. These traps will stop a survivor in his tracks and give you the chance to pick them up and drag them away to hang on a hook. Survivors can struggle out of the killers grasp after 12 seconds, stunning the killer and allowing the survivor to escape.

    To effectively kill a survivor, the killer must hook the downed/caught survivor. Throwing a survivor on a hook will give the other survivors shared vision with the hooked victim. The remaining survivors need to decide if it's worth attempting to save him or work on repairing generators.
    Doesn't need to be in grass to stealth.

    How do the survivors win?
    Currently, survivors win by repairing 5 out of 7 generators. In the final version of the game, after 5 generators are repaired the exit gates will be powered, which will need to be opened to escape.

    How does the killer win?
    Kill all the survivors... Duh.

    Is there survivor/killer classes?
    There are 4 different survivors and only one killer.

    Jake: Can break hooks.
    Meg: Can gain a burst of speed.
    Claudette: Can self heal.
    Dwight: Can hide anywhere.

    Things to be added/changed/fixed
    A heart beat for survivors that gets louder the closer the killer is.
    Unique models for each survivor, they all look like villagers at the moment.
    Killer model, currently just looks like a footman.
    More killers, currently only 1 killer.
    Terrain design, I'm not a terrain artist so it looks pretty horrible.
    Generator Model, currently it's a weird radio tower.....

    Sabotage Icon - 4eNNightmare
    Hooked Icon - PeeKay
    Bear Trap Model + Icon - General Frank
    Progressbar - Jesus Hipster
    Temporary Generator model - HerrDave

    Let me know how you liked the map. I know hooking a survivor is finicky but read the quest section and be sure to put the survivor directly BELOW (SOUTH) the hook, not necessarily in front of the way it's facing. It's recommended to play with AT LEAST 3 people, 1 killer and two survivors. The game is balanced towards 1 killer and 4 survivors though, so it will be very hard for the survivors if there is less than 4 of them

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Nov 24, 2016