The story of an (almost) survivor.

Level 4
Jan 16, 2010
I was playing Aliens vs. Predator 3 for Xbox 360, when I got separated from my team and was all by myself, really far away from the rest of my team in Infestation. The map was Pyramid, I had a shotgun and a sniper rifle. I was waiting for the pyramid doors to shift, so I could link up with the rest of my team and organize a good defense. Well, the door opened up, but so did the door on the other side of the room I was waiting in, there was an alien right there waiting for that door to open. I then bolted down the corridor and fired a few shots behind me. I eventually fell into a shaft of some sorts, there I frantically tried to find a way out and kill (or escape) the alien that was going after me at the same time. Well I then saw a way out, but there was a praetorian getting a grab kill on one of my marine buddies down there. I knew the marine was going to die since it's impossible to be saved from a grab kill. So I turned and tried to find another way out, I then turned around to make sure the praetorian didn't see me and to see if I lost the one alien. I saw the same corridor that my marine buddy was being killed in (this was like 2 seconds since the grab kill started), and I saw a flashlight down that corridor near my marine buddy that was being killed. So I tried to run down there because I thought the flashlight was of another marine and that I had found my team. But then when I was just to the corridor's entrance, the ground jutted up into the air, as the pyramid was shifting again. Well I then found another hallway, and was by myself going down it. I was then attacked from behind by the same alien that was chasing me earlier (or perhaps a different one, but I think it may have been the same one). I managed to escape however, and go down the hallway more, while shooting. I then thought I lost the alien again, so I went to turn the corner of a hallway (I was on edge as it was), but right when I turned that corner (I was expecting to see an alien), but there was a marine. I was scared to death, I thought for sure it would have been the alien trying to flank me. I then said "wow, I thought you were one of them," we then laughed for a second, before all of a sudden the alien appeared and attacked us while we were laughing at our own foolishness, thinking we were safe. Well, I got hit, but I survived, but he was getting clawed at. I tried to shoot my shotgun, but I then realized that I had used up all of my ammo trying to escape earlier. I then watched my partner die just inches from me. I switched to my sniper rifle and I got a shot or two off. But it was too late, my partner was dead and now a second alien came, and they both attacked me together. I then befell to their xenomorphic jaws and became one of them.

Dr Super Good

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Level 59
Jan 18, 2005
You obviously failed to shift to sentenal, medic and synergist fast enough and then blow them out with a rentless attack of two ravangers and a commando...

Honestly what is the point of this thread? You did not do anything particually impressive as you died. I have heard stories of marines getting 9+ alien kills with only 1-2 deaths.