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The Russian Civil War

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Level 7
Aug 14, 2006
Hello. I think I started on this map a year or so ago, completely lost interest in WC3 for a while, got interest back four days ago and finished up a workable alpha out of this.

Essentially, the overall playing style is a lot like Lords of Europe. Cities provide the main income for players in most cases, and needs to be taken. Some cities provide extra income (Petrograd, Moscow, Perm, Tsaritsyn, etc) due to industry. However, if the city is lost, the industry will be destroyed.

Currently mapped out Russia up to the Uralmountains, Finland, Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine and the Caucasus. Inceme triggers and basic units and research have been done, so the Alpha should be playable. I make no guarantees for balance, as I haven't tried it in multiplayer myself even. First alpha is attached.

Each player starts with one non-revivable hero. These heroes can only pick auras as abilities, but those auras effect all your units on the map. Don't waste them in combat.

There are currently 8 players:
2 Bolshevik Players. Controls most of western Russia itself, except the south. Has 3 special units, Red Soldier, Political Commissar and Cossack (which they share with the Whites).
2 White Army Players. Controls most of Siberia, Belarus, half of Ukraine and southern Russua. Siberia is not yet added beyond the Ural mountains. Has 3 special units, White Guardist, Priest (aura+bloodlustlike ability) and Cossack.
1 Black Army player (the anarchists in Ukraine). Controls a single city in southern Ukraine. Special units are Black Guardist (can turn invisible for 15 seconds, and have long range and movement speed) and Bomb Thrower (AoE attack).
1 Transcaucasian Federation player. Controls The Caucasus (2 cities). Has 1 special unit, Mountain Soldier (gets a bonus when fighting in the Caucasus or the Urals).
1 International Forces player. Starts with Archangelsk in northern Russia, as well as 24 units in the Uralmountains. Has 1 special unit, Czechoslovakian Legionnaire.
1 Baltic forces player. Starts with control of Helsinki in Finland, and forces in Estonia (where they can easily seize Riga).

I plan to add the Alash Orda (kazakhstan) and von Sternberg (mongolia) in the future, but right now I haven't mapped out to Siberia and Central Asia.

The map is not protected in any way. If you decide to edit it, I ask you to leave my name in though.


  • The Russian Civil War 0.11 Alpha.w3x
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Level 7
Aug 14, 2006
Could you maybe post some screenshots as well? Maybe that'll 'motivate' me to test the map.
It sounds interesting, but I'll need to see the map first.

Will get some screenshots up later today (don't have access to the comp I got the map on right now).

After a few test runs, did some balancing. The bolsheviks kept gettings completely massacred, so did the following changes:
- Bolsheviks starts with more units.
- Halved gold cost of units/buildings, but not research.
- Reduced movement speed of units by 33%.
- Reduced build/train time of all units/buildings except Machine Gun Nests.
- Cities now have an aura that greatly increases movement/attack speed of nearby friendly units.

Also, any suggestions for additional units would be welcome. Planning on adding wartrains as soon as I find a way to add them (one idea is to make "railroad tracks" be stone tiles surrounded by boundaries, and creation of wartrains teleports the unit to the closest "station"). Seeing as how control of the Trans-Siberian Railroad was very important, I'll need to add it in some form (along with wartrains, because seriously... war-trains! Russian are geniuses!).
Especially suggestions for special units for the Transcaucasian Federation and the Baltic States would be welcome.

The next version will have a supply system. Units will need to be within the range of either a City, or a Supply Truck that is within range of a city. If they are not, they have reduced movement speed, attack speed, takes a low hit point attrition and have a chance to desert (the % depends on unit type, Heroes and Faction-Specific Units except Cossacks will never desert). This will make fighting in areas with few cities like Siberia and the Don area more challenging.
Railroad stations on the Trans-Siberian Railroad will also provide supplies, once it (and Siberia) has been added.

I intend to also make Mana=Ammunition, and being in supply is necessary to replenish supplies. This is only if it doesn't make it a lagfest, of course.
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