The OutStruggle

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Dec 29, 2010

First of all, I wish you all a happy new year.
I'm Destroying Fruit (I don't destroy fruits), a new user. I'm a new user to the hive, but don't take me as a newbie. I know medium triggering, mapping and I also know how to make icons.
Since I'm new here I have to earn my living somehow, so I decided to make my debute by creating a melee map. The OutStruggle. A melee map set in the land of outland.

The Outstruggle is currently being worked on, it's VERY incomplete, this thread was made for feedback, I need feedback in very early stages, so I don't wake up in the end with a rejected/hated map, so please be kind enough to download the alpha version and give some feedback. The feedback goes on what I CURRENTLY have, if you wish to give me feedback on stuff to add, then feel free to, you will be repped.

-The name is not final;
-The player size is not final (Currently 2vs2);
-There is no custom data, it's pure melee;
-The size of the map is MEDIUM;
-Map is V1 in ALPHA stage;
-Hostile units don't have drops yet.

-Download the alpha version, play it then delete it;
-Report all bugs on this thread or PM me;
-Post screenshots of bugs if possible & explain what's wrong;
-Don't complain about it being "Incomplete";
-If you consider it "Unbalanced" then explain why and give suggestions.



The image above shows the player1 spawn, obviously all the other spawns will be aprox. the same. It has 2 hostile spawns near it, however it doesn't affect direct attack upon Player 2. meaning, if you send a large group of units to attack the enemy base, the 2 hostile spawns will not detect them.


This is another hostile spawn, this one is defending a mercenary camp, which has 4 outland mercenaries in it. It was strategically placed, you can just buy n' run towards the enemy, so it's usefull. :wink:


This is the battlefield. Well, the main one. It's a WIP it will get completed with a couple of hostile spawns, enviroment, trees, and bridges to the other areas.

Here's the Alpha version 1 of the map. It's VERY incomplete, don't complain about it, just help me with some feedback, if you can.


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Level 3
Dec 29, 2010
Whoops, seems images are broken, I'll fix asap. :ogre_icwydt:

EDIT: Fixed pics, but I failed with the spoilers, anyone care to help?
EDIT2: Fixed spoilers, thanks supertoinkz!
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