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The Nether Devourer

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I need this spell personaly in fact, for my map and my custom unit: the nether dragon.

Nether Mark:
"prepares an enemy unit for proper digestion"
The spell consists in a jass spell that in firts instance silences the target enemy unit, and slows it greatly per second over 5 second, at the fifth second the unit will be totally stuned. In that time it goes turning purple and transparent until the 50% transparency and full purple color is reached. When it happens the buff can be dispeled, and a repeated effect of (avatar of vengenace death) is repeated.

This spell goes along with this (that can be made out of GUI):
Consume Magic:
"Consumes the magic attached to an enemy unit, it also can be casted on self, restores X life for each buff consumed and drains mana out of that unit for each buff. Also if the unit is affected by nether mark it will die, restoring the life of the nether dragon to an equal of the 150% of the life of the unit, only drains a maximum of 750 life points in units with more than 1000 hp, doesnt affect heroes. Also when used on units with Nether Mark a 50% of the life of that unit also becomes mana".
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