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Expose Essence (Need help with spell)

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Well this is the spell:

Expose Essence: Prepares the target for a proper digestion, slowly turning it into nether essence. The target is slowed by 20% for each second, after 5 seconds the target is stuned for 15 seconds and the buff is totally in. When stuned the unit can be dispeled, removing the effect. If the unit is "Consumed of Essence" while under the effect of this ability the unit will die, and will grant life and mana to the devourer. Also when used against units with more than 1000 life points, if devoured it will only consume 50% of the units max life +150 damage. When devoured the Expose Essence effect is removed. Cannot be cast on heroes.

The slow effect is overtime, and the buff should only appear after 5 seconds. Also the unit should be getting a vertex color changue overtime (it fades to black and gains transparency).

This is the unit that casts this spell:


Consume Essence: Consumes the essence of a unit, draining 35 mana from it, also for each buff the unit has the Dragon gains extra 35 mana and 50 life points. Has an special effect when used on units with Expose Essence buff.

Essence Stealer: Each time an enemy casts a spell near the nether dragon the caster loses 5% of its max mana and the Nether Dragon gains it. Also when the nether dragon kills a unit it gains 50% of its mana.

Ethereal Form: Self Explainatory

Expose Essence: Already Explained.



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Jan 7, 2005
Please do not submit the same problem more than once. If you need help creating a spell, use the World Editor Help Zone (that is where I'm moving this). Use the Triggers & Scripts forum whenever you need help fixing a trigger/spell.
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Apr 3, 2010
Remove a buff with a dispell cast via dummy unit then order?

Alternatively The gui and there uc an jass it has this

Action Unit Buff

Remove specific buff type

Remove all buffs. :p

So it would basically be something like this

base your abillity of slow :p with the 20 second slow or channel Although channel is more appropriate if so do optional part i have explain in trigger

Event Abillity cast

Condition: Abillity = Ur abillity

Set tempunit=Targeted unit
Set Tempoint= Position of targeted unit
(If its based of channel) Cast slow on unit / Create 1 dummy unit a temp point1
unit give dummy unit abillity slow
Order dummy unit to cast slow on targeted unit

//For the rest
Wait 5 seconds
Give dummy unit abillity Stun
Order unit to cast stun-- Stun is just a buff abillity and will actualy have no stun :p
Pause unit-targeted unit
Turn on Trigger-- Buff check
Wait 15 seconds
Turn off trigger-- BUff check
Unpause unit
If unit has buff-Consume of essecence
Then kill unit
Add health To Casting unit
Add mana to casting unit
Else Do nothing
If targeted unit hp >1000
Set targeted unit hp to % 50%
Set targeted unit hp to targetedunit hp -150
REmove buff type of buff = Name of buff o.o

CUstom script- Call removelocation (Tempoint1)

Trigger--Run check

Every 0.1 second

IF Targetunit(0)
Has buff=Prepare essence
Then (Tinting system change i dunno how to do here)
Eles UNpause unit
Remove buff = Stun buff

All abillities can be added onto dummy unit before

All buffs should be with spells


For the other 2 abillities- You can try Life steal abillity then use a dummy unit with mana steal abillity Just create a dummy unit set the mana steal t
o level of your life steal abillity and set it so there is no model and Dummy units are units unseen :p

Etheral form = WE object editor abil just change unit cahnges.....

Essence steal

First trigger detect if hero has been bought of entered

Unit enters playable map
Unit = Yourheo
Set Hero[playernumberownerofenteringunit]


2nd Trigger doing abillity with set points

Event Unit cast abillity
Intereger A loop from 1 -12
Set temp point [IntegerA] = Hero[IntegerA] =
Set temp point2 = Position of casted unit

Loop integer b 1-12
If distance between Temp point2 and temp point 1[integerB] = X (your value of range u set)
Then Set Tempint= Max mana of casting unit/20
Set casting units mana=mana of casting unit-Tempint
Else do nothing

Callremovelocation "temp point"
call removelocation "temp point"

- The exact custom script can be found by googlien Wc3 removing leaks first link :p

Serepate trigger

Unit Dies
If killing unit = Hero[IntegerA]
Then set tempint2 = Max mana of dieing unit/2
set unit mana = Unit mana + Tempint2


This is just if you feel if no one replies and you want to have a go at making it. Or if anyone is willing to make it just a suggestion of a system for it :p

Note the nether essence gain triggers should be turned of and a trigger should be this

Unti learns abillity
Abililty=nether essence
Turn on trigger
Turn on trigger

Where trigger = To the nether essence triggers.

I do not know jass :(

Side not to get the buff to appear at stun it can just go with the casted abillity by dummy unit :p
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