The Nagarien Curse

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--protected-- (will crash your world editor *clearly state!*)

(by the creator of space orc stories)

Since there is a real hype about cinematic maps lately, I decided also to submit a new cinematic i just finished today :D
and because mods have gone through various cinematics lately where you sometimes wonder if ppl watch their cinematics themself before they upload them i tried to spend a little more time in it

It's a Short Story about a more or less small expedition into the deserts of kalimdor and a tomb in search for an ancient artifact

it ain't pretty long (around 10min) so everyone can take time to watch it =)

Credits are given in the end (inspired by Critters)

the biggest problem with making this cinematic was the randomness itself; because units use their stand - x animations randomly it will sometimes happen that scenes dont work as smooth as they should do (it's like 1of5 times you run the cinematic one animation will not work properly / perfectly timed)
i tried to fix that issue with setting their animationspeed to 00.00% without success
my point is; i could not do anything about it =D

Well then enough chatting: Download it - Comment on it - rate it

and the one most important: Have Fun with it :)

Cinematic, Short Story, Tomb, Adventure

The Nagarien Curse (Map)

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Overall - 5/5
Level 16
Sep 8, 2007
Again, an awesome cinematic.

Terraining - 5/5 it looks nice, nothing bad to say
Story - 3/5 I was a little lost at some parts
Effects/Scenes - 10/5 Well, this rate says everything, ye? ;)
Music - 5/5 Very matching music due to the seperate scneces

All in all it is 5/5 from me. Keep doing this great work :D

P.S. pls go on with S.O.S, i WANT to see the following parts xD
Level 1
Jun 30, 2008
it's the 2nd cinematic i've ever seen and the 2nd cinematic made by shaun i've seen. i think that says enough keep on making such great movies. !!

P.S.: dont know why i'm writing but i hope u missunderstand my intentions ...
Level 9
Feb 5, 2008
im dling now...i cant wait :p

*AFTER WATCHING* ok nice im gonna tell first some good things i liked

-I liked the dialouge, wasnt to boring, lil humor me likey =)
-I LOVED the part in the beginning when the camera zoomed into the tent and i saw Lord Shaun...i didnt think you could see beneath that tent
-I liked how you moved the heads on the people on certain parts
-I loved the death trap you made (dont wanna spoil it)
-And i dont wanna go into detail, no spoiling

-When the gob went suicide the explosion kinda got cut off
-I didnt get to much what the workers were doing and why
-I didnt get why they went into tomb, didnt they wanna seal it???

But 4/5 i liked it a lot =)
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Level 5
Aug 19, 2007

- yeah u see one stone popping up - i should've fixed that

- well what r the workers doing? digging i guess ^^
now u could argue: well they found what they've been searching for - n i say: they're digging for other artiffacts or stuff to finance their expiditon :p
dont think thats much of a problem ^^

they ->"unsealed"<- it in order to get in ^^

thx 4 the comments :D

PS: i use to focus their heads as often as possible (in every scene)
Level 5
Aug 19, 2007
I'd just like the ppl who rate this cinematic 4/5 or 3/5 to comment on their decision and give reasons

on the one hand i'd like to know what i should improve on the other hand i dont see the reason to give it 3/5 points

plz comment on it if you rate this cinematic

thx alot
Level 5
Aug 19, 2007
first off pyropk i was not talkin about you =)

the votes just went from 4.80 (5votes) to 4.14 (7votes)
and i'd like to know why just to improve my work =)

second off dingo shut up <3 :D
Level 9
Feb 5, 2008
dingo!! teach me this magic!!! plx i wanna learn how to cinematic!!! and make epic wars, and crap !!

*UPDATE* Nvm i got reports from someone that you (censored) at not gonna say any names =)....
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Level 7
Mar 13, 2008
Shaun, the map is very good.
It has everything the good cinematic needs to have.
Camera always shoots from good and interesting angles, the special effects are very well placed, Terrain is 10/10!!! Story is awesome (I especially liked the end) HECK EVEN THE CREDITS ARE VERY WELL MADE!!! There is also tons of action, and a little humor on the side!!! I would gladly tell you how to improve your work, but I cant. I think this cinematic has everything the good cinematic needs to have. I can bet that lot's of effort has been put into it, and i will gladly rate it 5/5!!!
Level 5
Feb 19, 2008
ill give this a 4/5 it was a great cinematic and i loved how the first ghoul got cut in half.... but i think the dialogue went a bit slow like (what did she say..... hmm what should i say... hmmm i got it) *says it* but thats the only - i found, the rest is like +++:thumbs_up:
Level 17
Aug 3, 2008
this was a great 10 minutes of my life :p

id have to agree with harkal though, the dialog was a bit slow.
when they were in the ruins, they didn't talk much.

but othere than that, the models were great, special effects were great , and the storyline was great so. 5/5

by the way, where to you extract that arthas model ? From the interrface? Or did you get it from Hive or something.?
Level 5
Aug 19, 2007
to time the speed of texts and dialog is always a touchy subject because if i shorten the time people who are not so familiar with the english language complain that the texts are running too fast and that they can hardly read it, that's why i prefer to take a little more time to let them/you read =)

i'd say the biggest issue is the sound and there are many sound errors but it's to late now to fix it so if i go on with a new cinematic i'll do better ;)

ye the models has some issues but i still liked it and was kinda too lazy to take a new one ;)
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Level 7
Jan 18, 2010
I loved it, how epic ! how great !
Some scenes are insane ! When the guy gets stomp by the trap or when the harpy-demoness girl (already forgot her name, rofl) throw a rock between the heavy door to stop it ! The scenes with the ghouls are very well done too, but i think the action is a little too slow. Second thing disturbed me, there's almost no music, it's particullary boring when there is some fight and action. Oh, and there's a music bug at the credits : the creepy music when you see the undead shaun keep playing behind the rock music so thats kinda shitty, you should fix that =D
Btw, I wanna get the harpy-demoness model, but i can't because of the map protection, can you tell me where to find it ?

Otherwise my rating is 5/5 ofc ^^


Map Reviewer
Level 53
Jun 4, 2009
-Kalimdor, God, angels, demons alongside priests? Warcraft, right?
-who wants desert...
-a demon/succubus that controlled the element of air?
-the ghoul was dancing on the obelisk waiting for the turtling tornado to hit it?
-naive, that lord to step on a similar trap; not only that, he also waited instead of getting back or run forth
-how did she take control of the ghoul!?