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The Mechanism

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Aug 19, 2011
Introduction: Second post on the Hive. I give a shot at brain storming

I do not claim to be the owner of any inspiration I used for this story. If you like quality writing and dislike walls of text, do NOT read further. Or maybe do and criticize my writing. Constructive criticism and no sarcasm in comment. Please. It's okay to say "I disliked this, sorry" or simply without sorry. It's not okay to say "this suxxxxxx". It's even better to say "I disliked this, but here is some constructive criticism and 0/100 rating...". Follow these rules while posting in this thread and make a man happy. I'm spending the whole 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning on this, I think.

(can't add text to the middle of the page and remove walls of text... sorry)
stories. Congratulations TraceuR, you gave me a brilliant idea. I'm so happy I'm gonna blow.:goblin_boom: See? Now, let's get over it...

The Mechanism is a (brainstormed) story inspired by the roleplay nicknamed the same way. Races and concept are from there, but the events are NOT. Go ask TraceuR on U.S. East if you don't believe me. Warcraft 3 of course. Custom races included (I LOVE YOU SANDWICHES).

You're probably used to the idea if you were there with me. Even the naga, even the arena lord who contributed to my goblins from the original roleplay to get there and start a 7 hour roleplay... You know I love you all... and may the temple always attempt to make your dreams come true ;)
Without further denial, here goes...


-SPOILERS ALERT- The Mechanism tells a short story about a Warlock who gets sucked up in a strange trio. He then after holds testament to an event that may change the world forever... -SPOILERS ALERT-

Without further denial, again. The Mechanism. If you actually read all of this hella long introduction, here's a cookie.:cq: Hit it for the cookie.

Introduction Part Over.

You are now at Chapter 1/? of the Mechanism.

Chapter 1: This Book Is Actually Nice...

"Taste the bitter chill of the wind!" You hear those words in your dream, before waking up, still shocked.
"It was only a dream..." you mumble to yourself, getting up to your knees.
"Remembered me I didn't tell my prayer!"
As you pray, only the crystalline symphony of the nightly creatures can be heard, covered by your voice. You assume it was not a long time since you fallen asleep, as the alluring smell of burned candle didn't fade through the house.
"God, I'm so sinful. I hate my family..." you say in a low tone.

As you fall over to your fluffy pillow, the feather of sleep stabs you right through both eyes. You don't dream anything and have a pleasant sleep as the symphony of the night tries to prevent you from falling asleep.
You wake up after some good hours of sleep.

As the song of the birds provides a good atmosphere, you quickly jump out of bed and run the stairs to head to the outhouse. You take a harsh impact with the locked door at you turn right. The sound probably woke up your family.
"Who closes the doors at night? Complete retards.." pops up in your mind.

You quickly rush up to the stairs in your parents' room.
Luckily, your loud footsteps haven't waken them up yet. Nor did the banging sound do anything. They're sleeping like you put salt on their eyes while widely open. Searching under bed reveals the keys' location. You quickly pick them up, rush the stairs, but stop instead of making another impact with the door. You turn left and rotate the keys left and right. "Come on, come on..."
The door opens almost instantly as you push it.. You run straight to the outhouse and exit after two long minutes.
You go back to your room and open the wardrobe. Looking for your elegant black vest, black pants and white shirt "visit" set, you notice them hidden in a corner, around with a short sword. Putting the clothes on, then taking any shoes from the lower section of the wardrobe results you dressed for getting the book you saved your money for. Picking up the short sword, you rush down the stairs...
I'm sorry, guys. It started to screw up. I typed some swear word instead of rush, and my imagination is really starting to screw up right now. I could re-do the last part if you guys want. I'm so sorry for not being able to even finish a chapter. I'm so bad.:goblin_cry: If you're one of the few awake at this ungodly hour in the morning, you may want to rate it before it's changed.
Insert final sorries here.
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