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The Howling Woods

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Hi, this is the first map I've upload to the Hive Workshop. Please give your comments or criticisms. Thank you

Map Description:

These woods have been impossable to reach until recently, some say they're cursed. The nightly howls of the rabid wolves chills the blood of even the bravest warrior.


2 expansions
2 Goblin Merchants
2 Taverns


The Howling Woods (Map)

19:50, 9th Sep 2010 Cweener: Rejected (until updated) Post ap0: Rejected (until updated)




19:50, 9th Sep 2010
Cweener: Rejected (until updated)

ap0: Rejected (until updated)
Level 6
Oct 10, 2009
"The reason why a good description is necessary is to encourage players to play your game.
It will grip the attention of people who (accidentally) pass by, attention is one of the basic things a map must have, otherwise it will be forgotten in the thousands and thousands of maps on battle.net."
( - The Importance of a Description, by ap0calypse).

If you'd like some examples of a good description try the following links.
Shining Waters by R.Gaming_Strike
Avatar by dj0z

Additionally, a description is required (not just optional).
Only a few people will download your map with no description and it is certain to get rejected.

So, right now, I'm going to say rejected (until updated)
Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
The raw map structure seems all right, although you didn't do the details very well.
First of all: the lower expansion mine has a very narrow path (about 1.5 large grid) while the upper expansion mine has several paths.
Red's initial base is slightly larger than blue's initial base.
(The bridge has to go slightly to the right, but that doesn't really matter too much, as you'd need to replace the river as well in that case).

The creeps were quite all right, although you've placed non-neutral units (shadow wolves), which are quite strong and haven't got any drops.
I also prefer not having random creeps (everything pre-set).
Also, would you please not use tables? Not all item drops can be pre-defined in just a few tables, and I'd give the level 9 creep a level 5 perm or 6 charged drop.
Gold coins are (according to me) not really drops, so you'll have to remove those as well ^^

In fact, it's better if you redo all drops (take a look at the blizzard maps as a reference).

The terrain should do (although a few improvements are always welcome! Like adding more tileset variation aorund the place and a few more environmental doodads where due).