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  • From what i've heard you might give Unprotected Metastasis, I'd need one so i can look into some of the triggers and maybe export some of the models to a map I am and my friend is working on, and perhaps make a seperate version of Metastasis.
    come on fel, one year pass by , time flows, let us have some good news about 1.8.2, please?
    Fel you Rocks ! (even though 1.8.1 is a little fucked up, but I still think you are awesome)
    we are in eurobattle.net we LOVE META WE ARE METARDS.!!! Clan İdea !!! if u wanna play metastasis in eurobattle.net join our website and join us.http://www.clanidea.info/

    But this map need some fix like Electric suit TOO powerfull have 50 dmg more then rocket suit have and skills he can kill somone with only 1 skill 400 dmg how wtf???

    When you use skill if he close to you 200 dmg after your shot 250 dmg WTF? TOO POWERFULL.

    And antibody 1 antibody have 5 stack and when u use antibody it cover your ass 45 sec from infects this mean TOO LONG :D my mathematics not enough for say how much:D.

    Story: When I in arb. arb damaged and doors opened and closed forever. 150 dmg but cant kill.
    Why it happend?

    and sorry for my bad english (im god damn peon)not important one:D


    Congratulation no stim it is realy better now realy good point.But if u lucky you can drop sti from syllus anomalys and no more anomaly in defunct ??? why we need it ccs:D
    hey i got some idea for you because i know u are trying to create MS 2 u said at a post at ur site for chemicals so i got an idea there will be lot of chemicals and fuse them so u can gain more dmg or smhing like that
    Hello, why did you leave WC3?
    It is one of the worst mistakes you could have possibly done.... I advise against going to SC2 to make Metastasis 2.....
    Please respond whenever you see this, you should really come back to WC3 and I could find somebody to provide a bot for your hosting meta 2 on wc3..... hopefully I could find a bot.

    Also I have a friend who is very skilled in the world editor and can basically do anything he thinks and wants and likes to do, SC2 might have better graphics but WC3 can do much more then SC2 and your also limited to code aren't you in SC2?
    I hate to see a good mapmaker such as yourself going to SC2.
    if u stop eva updating metastasis i will personnaly come over there and shoot ur head off cos it's like drugs, once u start playing it u can neva quit. :)
    Hey. Metastasis is a big hit on the Battle.net. Hech, I've been playing it last 2-3 days. Basically since I first saw it. You did a great job there.
    Hai there, I was just wondering if it would be possible for me to have the "Space Combat" but without protection? I'm quite intressted in how you made the triggers. So.. Only triggers in the map would be just fine. :)
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