The Heart of Storms needs you!


Hosted Project: HoS
Level 16
Mar 31, 2004
As Act II enters production and we're finalizing Act I's release version, HoS team is expanding and we're looking for people who are able and willing to help!

First priority:

Map and cutscene editor
Making campaign maps similar to existing ones: quality terraining and doodads placement, making ingame cinematics. Triggering gameplay itself is a bonus, but not a requirement. Ability to work with custom tilesets (both using our tiles and making new ones based on them), expecially in Reforged, is a huge bonus.

Texture and icon artist/editor
Making edits of existing skins, converting WoW skins and CnPing/editing parts of them, upscaling 256x256 skins to 512x512 (via AI but with additional touch-ups), understanding of color schemes. Making icons out of screenshots and editing them to look more fluent and lifelike, similar to existing ones. No 100% freehand art from scratch is required (well we would always welcome it, but it's not a priority).

Sound editor
Working with raw recordings and bringing them to quality standards (noise removal, amplifying, effects etc). Ability to work with AI generated voices is a huge bonus. Experience with Reforge sound and music is also a huge bonus.

Model porting
Porting models (and preferably animations) from other Blizzard games.

Second priority:
Model editing
Checking existing models and fixing small bugs, simple kitbashing/geomerging.

Tileset artist
Converting custom classic tilesets into Reforged tilesets.

Voice acting
Voices for goblins, dwarves, humans, we never say no to more of them!

We can always discuss the rightful compensation for your work. Looking forward to hearing from you!