The Headhunterz v 27 beta

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is my first beta to be released for the public. However, this map is still in an early stage and has a long way to go.

What is it?
The Headhunterz is a point-oriented AOS for two or three treams (three is default, but you can alter the team setup ingame). The goal is to be the first team to achieve 25 victory points. There is one camp for each team, three or four (depending on the gametype) neutral camps, which generate victory points(*) every 2 minutes and three spiritual monuments, which provide your team with a temporary buff. You can choose between three different professions: Ambassador, Assassin and Commander.

The professions:
The ambassador is the only, who can occupy those neutral camps. When one camp is occupied, it is protected for one minute, so no other team can recap it quickly. The ambassador can make him/herself invulnerable to bypass guarded encampments.

The assassin can call targets. The call lasts for one minute. The target has to be above 90% hp and not yet marked by another team. On its death, the victory counter of the killing team is increased by 1(or two *).

The commander is able to change the setup of the waves and upgrade the teams' creeps. Additionally, he can call quick strike raids.

*: The rewarded victory points depend on the state of the game. when all heroes have gained level 10, the reward is increased.

There is no item system implementet yet, but one is planned. I want to increase the need of skill to play the map by changing the use of items. The should have a minor buff to the hero, but you should be able to load your items with skills you will find in a spellbook and then chain 2-3 together and release the channeled spell on an enemy or friend. For balancing issues I will test different synergies first, before implementing them.

Some facts:
Max Hero-Level: 10
Skills for each Hero: 4
Number of heroes: 15
Factions: 2-3 (depending on your choice)
Monuments (offer temporary boosts): 3
Number of professions: 3
Rudimentary Damage Detection System to give a penalty to fleeing units.

Final note:
I want to increase the level of player skill so it is highly possible that most of the current passive skills will be replaced by similar skills, which need activation or completely removed as such. Since I am not a native english speaker, I know there are many flaws in my descriptions. But I would be happy if someone helped me. I also want to apologise for the huge filesize. I will try to reduce it with further releases, but I can't promise it.

If you should encounter any laggs or other big issues during playing this map, I would be happy if you report them here or by pming me.
Also, I welcome any suggestions or feedback to increase the fun playing this map - so don't hold back.

I hope I didn't forget anything. Have fun and stay tuned for the next release candidate.

Triskellot/Rexxar (It's the same guy^^ but I have different names in diverse messenger programms and games)

Here are my credits:
Here is my small list(all buttons are copied, many skill are inspired or based on skills I found on the; similarities to other skill, when not stated here, are coincidence):

Ham Ham
Glen Elendra

Special thanks;
CRAZYRUSSIAN for his great icons.
General Frank for his great models.
Ryoko for his tutorial I found on the internet.
Hans Maulwurf for his help on some basic editor stuff and the jump skill.

Known Issues:
Impaler: Impale -> In conjunction with Green Stuff Bomb: the GSBs attack random targets.
General Gameplay: Professions -> Inelegant way of solving the spellbook problem (the skill is disabled and invisible during cooldown).
Some minor bugs....^^

Latest Changes:
-the annoying shared vision and pick-heroes-teleport-to-wrong-base bug should be fixed
-the game options skip function should now work properly
-this map is now open source

Future Releases:
I'll refactor my map using jass and consider the reduction of memory leaks and game performance more and more. Besides, I am going to release the first version of the Imbue Item and Chain Skills Together-System. I got the idea, but - again - the user Hans Maulwurf already made a great job at implementing the system. I will release the next beta version in 3 or 4 weeks time.

AOS, Point Match, professions

The Headhunterz v 27 beta (Map)

17:14, 22nd May 2009 by bounty hunter2: Poorly made terrain, heroes have poorly made spells, missing hotkeys, poorly written tooltips, not much originality, diversity, Rejected. Use our Map Development forum for further development of your map...




17:14, 22nd May 2009 by bounty hunter2:
Poorly made terrain, heroes have poorly made spells, missing hotkeys, poorly written tooltips, not much originality, diversity, Rejected.

Use our Map Development forum for further development of your map, this is nowhere near approval.
Level 2
Nov 18, 2008
woah, strange. thanks for the hint, i am going to fix it now.

edit: ok- it should be fixed now. i also made it open source, because i am a) to lazy to protect it anymore b) i fear that some triggers might not work.

so long.
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