Bayus Firestorm Revived BETA.27 Prot

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Bayus Firestorm Revived BETA.27 Prot (Map)

Level 5
Jul 21, 2005
Yeah, i dled this, and i desided to search it, see if a newer version, apperantly not.

I played this 2 players, yeah yeah, levels were fun, But can you ping where the people spawn in there every 10 seconds so we dont search for five minutes?

Yeah, an extreme bug we couldn't fix, if you kill a boss before he gets into the town, it gives a random number
35Boss1 (Boss1=The first boss and i dont remember his name. .)
I couldn't get past hiM CAUSED I OWNED HIM SOOO BAD! RAHHH!

Yeah, thats about it.
Level 1
Jun 11, 2009
hard bug here too.

everytime the first boss appears the game stucks at the little video when he enters the town, and when we killing the boss, the wave dont end cause map thinks that there are some minor creeps around.

i would really appreciate if u could fix this, cause this is the best bayus so far!

ps: mybe its cause of my wc3 version? (