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The Great Siege 1.12

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Choose from 28 unique heroes, in this battle that Lorderon, Sentinel, Scourge, and the Horde are fighting in! Who will win?
Made by : Dark_Raptor / Rawr9000 (Money-Meow)

- 28 Heroes
- 4 Different Teams
- Normal AoS feel but with more than two teams
- Almost 40 different items, also containing recipes
- Many different game modes,
1. all pick (pick any hero from any race; 4 different teams are all opponents in the battlefield)
2. all pick allied (night elf and humans are allied; orcs and undead are allied)
3. allied (night elf and humans are allied; orcs and undead are allied)
4. normal (4 different teams are all opponents in the battlefield)


aeon of strife besides dota the great siege tgs

The Great Siege 1.12 (Map)

12:11, 29th Jun 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 8
Apr 6, 2009
The Great Siege 1.12 is a AoS type map where 4 teams with 2 players each tries to destroy the enemy bases made by money-meow.

Terrain - The terrain was boring, no interresting in it, you have just put some trees around, i see only a few doodads and they should not be there. I suggest you add more doodads, make the map more snow like, add some icy spikes or something.

Credits, Map name and discription - You have given credits, not much but thats ok because i didnt see so much imported stuff. The map name doesnt fit, there is like nothing special than other AoS' have, try add some tanks, gyro-copters or just something siege like. The discription is not so good, try explain more about your map.

Gameplay - People have seen this before, i suggest you add something unique in it, you can ask for ideas in the Idea Factory forum.

Imported material - I must say the icons were good, nice choise but you should try add hero models/skins too, to make game more interresting.

Bugs: There is alot of bugs and leaks, try look on picture 3 and see what i mean for example. The units dont attack the towers, because they can't of pathing. Remove those doodads blocking it.

Terrain - 1/5
Credits - 3/5
Gameplay - 2/5
Imports - 3/5
Bugs - 1/5

I dont vote so high, because if you look at the other "Directors Cut" maps, you see that alot is missing.

Last coment: Map is not so good, i vote for 2/5 (Lacking)..

Here is a few suggestions about terrain:

Here i will show you what i mean about the terrain, what is missing and show some bugs.

If you look on the pictures i have attached you will see why it is 1/5.

Picture 1: As you can see, no tile variation, no doodads, just tree spam and some deletes, i suggest you add some doodads, and make tile variations.

Picture 2: The walls looks ugly like that, you should change their variation to "2" then they will all look the same. Also the doodads right to the hero, why are they there? They look ugly, i think you should make some icy spikes around the cliffs.

Picture 3: Here is a bug, the units never attack the towers because you placed them to close to each other, this is a terrible bug, i suggest you put only a single tower and remove those doodads around it.

Picture 4: You must do something about where the players can choose their heroes, place the terrain and wisps in a unused corner, it looks terrible there.

If you have any questions about my review, please PM me.


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