The Frostcraft Development Team Needs You!


Hosted Project: FC
Level 8
Oct 20, 2013

Hello, my name is Kaigar, and I am working on a Reforged AoS called [FrostCraft] with the following features:

❆ 38 original heroes inspired by Warcraft's iconic classes and races, with tons of custom spells and different possible builds.
❆ Many high-quality custom effects give each hero a unique feeling and make buffs and debuffs readable.
❆ High replayability and an appeal to hardcore MOBA fans and casual players alike.
❆ Many unique mechanics giving it a unique spot in the genre.



A lot of work was put into this project already, giving it approval and max. rating on its first release [⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐].
Since then, the map has been updated and improved, reaching many achievements:
The map has been approved as a Hosted Project on Hive workshop.
The map has been added to the official W3Champions ladder.
The trailer of the map (that you can check out here) has been featured on the front page of Hive and live on Back2Warcraft.
Finally, the map gathered its own community, which you can join on [Discord].

However, much more can be achieved, and working alone has proved to be increasingly more difficult.
Therefore I'm looking for members to join the FrostCraft development team; the following roles are currently needed:
❆ Coder
❆ HD Modeller
❆ SD Modeller
❆ Video Editor

If you want to be part of the team, send me a message via Discord to Chimeroth#0076
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